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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, June 14, 2014



Ole Harv started right out of school being a milk delivery man. 

Up until he got a job as a deliveryman he hardly knew one end of a horse from the other.  Now he started out at four each morning getting ready for the days delivery.

First it was grooming the horse then feeding him. While he (the horse) was eating Harv had to load his milk wagon for the day’s deliveries; Milk, cottage cheese, whipping cream and eggs.

By six o’clock he was on his way; Picking up the clean empties and replacing with fresh full bottles.  Occasionally there would be a note saying Harv put the milk in the ice box and there is a sweet roll for you on the table or some other message like “going out of town so no milk.”

And so it went either deliver the norm or follow the note stuck in the bottle. In the early morning you could hear the clop, clop of the horse’s hooves followed by the jingle of bottles being loaded into the carrying rack and then the bottles banging into each other in the tray.

First the heavy sound of the hooves followed by the bottles jingling was noise that only the soundest of sleepers could continue their undisturbed night’s sleep without being aroused.

After a few months of delivering the milk,  Harv developed a sort of a rhythm in his step which in turn caused the bottles to have a jingle bell beat and it became addictive. People picked up on the sound and in their mind kept time as he beat out the rhythm.

It was expected for the customers to put their money in a clean milk bottle once every week and if they didn’t their delivery next week never arrived.

They would have to pay their bill to get their service started again.

The time came when all delivery men had to learn to drive the new milk vans for the horses were to be replaced with delivery trucks.

Sad to say they lost a few delivery men who couldn’t make the switch but those who made the changeover were happier for they didn’t have to care for their horses. This saved about two hours a day for them.

It required the drivers to learn a new cadence for no longer was the clop, clop to be heard again. When the last horse was retired it ushered in a new era in the milk home delivery business.

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