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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, April 4, 2014


Because my wife's computer died, and she helps me post - - we are having to reconstruct my continued stories.  In the mean time I will be posting a short story now and then.  This is one of them !!

Straight from the Hills
courtesy photobucket

I met a man the other day and we struck up a conversation.

He sounded like he was from the south and since I was born south of the Mason –Dixon line I thought we might have something in common.

I asked him where he was from and he said; from the hills of Kentucky.  Then I asked how far back?  He said, about as far back as you can get.

He said he didn’t have a wife but was willing to have one if she was a good one.

While I was assuring him there must be a good one somewhere out there, he said the reason he left those hills was because there was several gals back there but none of them was any good, so he left and came to town.

I then I told him that it might have been his negativity that was the problem instead of the girls presentation.

Well that stopped him for a minute and after a while he finally spoke; he said, “You might be right.”

I then suggested that we itemize all his complaints and look at them one by one for I was sure that would change his evaluation of the gals back home.

He said, “For one thing they is ugly.”  

I said, “What makes you think they are ugly?”

He answered, “I seen some pictures of some pretty gals that’s how I know.”

I decided to move on and come back to that point later.  “What else can you think of?: I asked.

He said, “They don’t smell nice, in fact they stink and if you want to know how I know they stink, it’s because they smell like the hogs.”

At this point I was losing my objectivity but I went on and asked, “What else?”

“They can’t cook, clean house, cut wood or any chores they should.  They also don’t wash their clothes, themselves, comb their hair, they don’t wear drawers and show themselves off from time to time.”

I thought for a while and said; Welcome to the city.”

I hadn’t seen him for a while and I asked his friend where he was for I would like to see him.

He told me that he had returned back to the hills.  I inquired why for I thought he was adjusting to the city life.  

He told me that after meeting several city gals and getting to know them he decided them hill gals wasn’t so bad after all.  Also he had to get back to some real music.

I was stunned at that, but as the old saying goes; all’s well that ends well.



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