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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Enjoying Married Life
The newly weds stayed until the last ferry made its run and were close all the way home.

Paine said, “I don’t want to go home and leave you but I have a couple things I must do for tomorrow.”

“She said let’s go by my place and I’ll pick up a few things and stay with you. Perhaps we can set the alarm a half hour early.”

She went on and said, “There are a few things I need to tell you about tomorrow. First off you only have one case tomorrow, in fact it will be your last case for you are retired remember?

On Friday I told the mayor this will be your last day and your last case because you were going to get married over the weekend.”

Paine was thinking to himself; “How did she know we would be married for I sure didn’t. She was pretty sure she could reel me in for her to go and do that.”

He told Sarah, “I don’t know if I like you being so sure of things I don’t even know about.”

She said, “Now Andrew… don’t start being difficult. I know you want to start our honeymoon as much as I so I just cleared your agenda.”

“Yes but you didn’t know I would go for your wiles like I did.”

She said, “You have wanted me for a long time and I knew it. All I had to do was stimulate you a little and you were mine. You’re not saying you didn’t want me all alone are you?”

“No, no I’m not saying that but I thought my feelings were pretty much kept to my self and hidden from you.”

“You controlled everything but your eyes. They told me everything that was on your mind.”

When they arrived at her house her two kids were home from college for the weekend.

She greeted them and said, “This is my new husband Andrew.”

They laughed and said, “Hello Judge Paine.”

Charles her son said, “When mom said she was going to marry you this weekend we couldn’t believe it. We knew she was going to remarry and we’re glad it was you she selected out of all the men that kept coming around.

Do you want us to call you Judge Paine, father or what?”

“How about doing what you’re mother seems to be doing and call me Andrew.”

She said, “Kids I will be staying at Andrew’s home tonight so I won’t see you tomorrow when you head back to school. As soon as I pack a few things we will be off so kiss me goodbye now and I see you during the holidays unless we are still honeymooning.”

They both said, “Good night Mom and Andrew and have fun.”

After they arrived at the Judge’s house Sarah put her things in the closet and the bathroom and got ready for bed. He said, “I have a couple of thing to do and then I’ll be right there.”

The next morning after a pleasant night she said, “You only have one case today and we are out of there. I would have canceled it but I thought you might find it interesting for your last case.

This concerns a breach of contract and when you see the people involved you may tend to smile.”

The next morning they were still sleepy for it was late when they finally went to sleep. After dressing she found something she could fix for breakfast and prepared it.

They smiled a lot while eating and she said, “This was the first night we slept together and … and there will many, many more.

When they arrived at the court house they were congratulated and many said we are sorry to see you go.

In chambers the bailiff said, “Are you ready for the last one Judge?”

He said, “Yeah, let’s get it over with.”

She said, “I’ll get your final papers ready for your signature and we will be finished here.”

The Judge took his place on the bench and the Bailiff called the case.

There were some tall attorneys accompanied by several Midgets.

Judge Paine had read the briefs but they didn’t mention Midgets so he was taken aback for a minute.

The plaintiff’s lawyer spoke and said, “The defendant is in breach of contract and must pay the plaintiffs the amount they stand to lose if the defendant doesn’t fulfill his end of the contract.

Your Honor what we have here is an entertainment group who have contractual obligations to fulfill and they can’t do so without the defendant who is the star. He refuses to appear anymore and that is the problem.

We are suing for the monies to be lost by his not keeping his contractual promises.”

“Do you have a copy of his contract signed by him?”

“Yes Your Honor.”

“May I see it?”

“Yes Your Honor.”

After reading it over he said it seems the plaintiffs are correct. The defendant signed the contract and there is no expiration date on it. In other words it is for life or as long as he is physically able to perform.

Let me hear from the defendant … Mr. Curtis. What is your response to the charges?”

“What they say is true. I have lost all interest in performing and refuse to appear again.”

“Do you understand that you are key to their performance?”

“Yes I understand.”

“While I don’t like a contract so inclusive with no date limiting the time one is obligated to honor it nevertheless you signed it and unless we can come up with a solution you are liable for their damages.

Their livelihood depends on you performing and perhaps we need to weigh your objections against the positives. It says here you have been performing since you were a child and don’t want to any more.

Let me ask you this Mr. Curtis; do people enjoy your performance?  How about children as well as adults?”

“Yes your Honor they are in a state of joy during and after the performance.” “How do you feel about making people happy?”

“I feel good when the kiddies shout and clap their hands.”

“You know you belong to a special class of people for not many can accomplish what you can. You will be letting thousands of children down if you don’t use your gift.

When you perform you must realize you are exercising your gift no one else has and to give up would be almost evil.

I could go on trying to convince you to join your troupe but I will leave it in you hands.

My judgment is for the plaintiffs unless Mr. Curtis decides his troupe again. The amount to be decided and agreed upon by the attorneys. I will give you a week to make your decision after that the judgment stands.

Just one more thing and that is what are you going to do the rest of your life, something for you to think about.  Case closed.”

Sarah was waiting for Andrew in his chambers. She said, “Did you enjoy your last case?”

He said, “I don’t know, I will if he decides to do the right thing. Usually there is one thing we do best and everything is at best second.”

“Alright here are the final papers that need your signature and we are finished. They will send our final checks to your house and after I fold up your robes we are out of here. We can leave the back way so we don’t have to listen to all of the goodbyes and congratulations.”

As they drove off she asked him where he wanted to spend their honeymoon.

He said, “I don’t care as long as you are with me.”

“How does Tahiti sound?”

He answered, “Sounds good to me.”

“Then Tahiti it is! We can leave on Friday and stay for a month if that isn’t too much honeymoon for you.”
* * *

Just a further word; they did stay for a month and as a result in a few months she produced a beautiful daughter who is now two years old.

She bosses Andrew around as bad as Sarah does and the Judge loves every minute of it.


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