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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, April 21, 2014

JUDGE PAINE DAY FOUR (A weekend off)

Sarah prepared a Picnic Lunch
Sarah called Judge Paine and said, “It looks like your docket is clear until Monday so you might as well enjoy your free time. As for me I have some catching up to do and will prepare for the next weeks cases.”

“Thank you Sarah, I think. I tend to get into trouble when I have free time and have to find something to do.”

“Yeah that is a problem for guys who retire at a young age. Alright Judge; you pick me up Saturday morning about nine and we will go on a picnic. We will take the ferry over to Jonas Island and rent a cottage. I will fix lunch for us and after we have our meal we can spend the afternoon looking the island over.”

“What about your kids, can you leave them?”

“My kids are grown and take care of themselves.”

“Well, if you think it is okay let’s do it. Do I need to pack a bag?”

“Yes unless you want to wear the same clothes for two days. I hear they have some good restaurants on the island so we should have plenty to eat.

I want to go on a picnic and take a canoe ride then after that we will eat at the local establishments.”

Judge Paine said, “I have never done anything like this… can I trust you?”

“Probably not but you are going to have to take a chance on that. You’re going because I have already booked the cottage and if you don’t I will have to find another fellow to go with and you don’t want me to do that, do you.”

“Good gracious no, I don’t want you to do that so I will go with you. If I didn’t go you might get into trouble… mightn’t you?”

“You can bet your boots on that, so it’s settled.”

After Sarah left Judge Paine thought it over and mused, all those years we worked together we never did anything together. This is really a surprise but she was happily married during that time and her husband died after we retired.
I don’t know what she has in mind but I don’t think I’m ready for a romantic weekend. Oh well, we’ll see what is going to happen.

He decided he had better pack and get ready for the weekend. He wondered what he should prepare for. She wants to go on a canoe ride; I’ve never been in a canoe. They look pretty unstable; maybe they have one with outriggers on it.

Since I won’t be known as a Judge I will just go casual. This is one time I’m going to wear… come to think about it I don’t have any pajamas. I’ve got to get down to the store and get a swim suit, new underwear and some pajamas.

While he was there he got a new jacket and pants and a few more things just in case. He was still worried about Sarah motives and if she was planning a romantic week end. What would it mean if we were intimate and how would she react if I refused her. The more he thought about it the more he worried.

Finally he concluded that he wasn’t about to embarrass her so he would just follow her lead.

Then it occurred him “I wonder what she would think if she knew what I have been thinking. Her opinion of me might change if she only knew.

Needless to say he had a restless night and was glad for the morning. He arrived a little early so she had him pack the lunch basket while she finished dressing.

A bit later she came in the kitchen where he had just finished packing their lunch and got a real surprise. She always wore her hair in a bun but here she was with her hair down and pulled back with a clip holding in the back.
Her clothes were always a business suit concealing the fact she was a shapely woman. Here she was with a tee and a pair of jeans on.

At that moment he was glad he had dressed down and went casual. He couldn’t help but ask her; “How old were you when you came to work for me.”

She said, “It looks like you have caught me. I wasn’t as old as my records show. I was just out of high school and was seventeen. I had went to business school at night and managed to get into a law clerk class during the last two summers. I prepared my self as best I could so I could get a job. I continued taking evening classes on the law while working for you.”

“I noticed you were getting better at your job as the years went by. You were seventeen and… my goodness woman you aren’t quite forty yet.”

“Yes that’s right and my kids are ready to leave the nest at least on a part time basis. We had better be on our way or we will miss the ferry.”

As they ferried across bay he thought, “And I thought I was young being just under fifty. Under forty, I can’t believe it except when I look at her and then she looks like a young housewife ready for life.”

He had to admit while walking on the deck of the ferry and her arm in his it was stirring something inside of him that was getting harder to hold down. He wanted to sit and put his arm around her but managed to keep all his feelings corralled.

After an hour the ferry docked and Sarah said, “Get your bag and the lunch and let’s head for the cottage.”

They arrived there shortly and checked in.  He was surprised at how quaint the cottage was and relieved that it had two bedrooms. After freshening up she said, “Do whatever and let’s get our canoe and go picnicking.”

He said, “Give me a minute and we’ll be off.”

As he looked at the canoe he wasn’t assured that they were doing the right thing.

She saw he was looking a little uneasy she laughed and said, “If you can handle a gavel you can paddle a canoe. Just sit balanced like on a bicycle and you will be fine.”

Once they got started he thought it was like balancing on a bike and the paddles propelled it like a knife through the water. They stopped at the picnic area and had lunch.

He mentioned one of the cases he might get and she said, “No talking about the other world. Let’s just enjoy this one, alright.”

He realized she was right, why let the “Other world” interfere with what they were doing.

After lunch they headed back to the cottage to relax for awhile when Sarah came out of he room with her bathing suit on and said, “Let’s go for a swim.

To be Continued

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