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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Week End at the Cabin in the Woods
When Paine saw Sarah in her bathing suit he almost gasped. Here she had children and yet she had the figure of a perfect twenty year old.

Before he could continue focusing on how she looked she said, “Get your suit on or not and let’s go swimming.”

He said, “I just happened to have a new one. Give me five minutes and I will join you at the pool.”

When he got to the pool there was a man already getting too friendly with Sarah to suit him. He walked up to them and said, “Do you want me to put some lotion on you dear? You’ll excuse us?” he said to the man, and he led her over to the deck chairs.

She laughed and said, “What was that all about?”

He said, “It was about you and me.”

She looked more serious and said “You and me”. He said yes “You and me, we don’t need anyone else, do we?”

She smiled and said, “Absolutely not and then giggled.”

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

She said, “I am pleased that you are jealous of me.”

He started to deny it but admitted; “I guess I am, aren’t I?”

She said, ‘That’s okay, I like it. It seems like its been a long a long time since that has happened. Where is that lotion you were going to put on me?”

“I don’t have any… I’ll go get some and be right back meanwhile if anyone starts hitting on you just tell them your man is very jealous so move on.”

After swimming some laps with a pause now and then for conversation they had all the sun they could handle for one day and returned to the cottage and dressed.

She put on a colored tee and a full skirt. Looking at her was putting fire in his bones and he realized that before he did or said a wrong thing he needed a diversion of some kind. Eating came to mind so he said, “I’m hungry so let’s check out the restaurants.”

During the meal they discussed the past and the future. Throughout the evening one thing stood out in his memory and that was she said; “I’m going to marry again. I have been alone long enough and I want to have a man of my own again.”

After spending quite a while eating and talking they returned to the cottage and continue in conversation until about ten and Sarah said, “It has been a busy day so I’m for bed, goodnight.”

He said, “Goodnight, I’ll see you mañana.”  

He was in a state and was wishing she had invited him to her room for the night but at the same time if she had he would have resented her for doing it. For him the night was long and restless. He was still tired when he awoke from his night’s unrest.

She knocked on his door and said, “I am going to the office and get us some coffee.”

He replied, “Great. I’ll shower and be ready shortly.” He had dressed by the time she returned.

She said, “I met the man at the office who found me charming or so he said and I invited him to come and say to you the things he said to me. He declined saying his party was waiting for him.”

“I hope you put him in his place.”

She laughed and said, “I did.”

“Well good that makes me feel a lot better.”

“You know Paine you are beginning to have some possessive feelings for me, aren’t you?”

“So what if I am?”

“Oh nothing but maybe we should clear the air after breakfast.”

“Fine, that’s fine with me,” he said tersely.

They found a place with a good breakfast and Sarah was hungry.  Paine was still nervous from yesterday and mostly picked at his food. She carried the conversation for the most part and injected a giggle here and there.

After they finished eating she wanted to take a walk and see some of the highly touted sights. He went along somewhat grudgingly for he had some things he wanted to clear up and it was going to be impossible to say what he wanted to while gawking at the tourist attractions.

After an hour of that he said, ‘There is a quiet place to sit and I would like to talk to you.”

She said, “We have been talking ever since we got up.”

“Yes but not that kind of talk.”

“Okay let’s sit over there but after awhile I would like to continue our tour if that’s okay with you.”

He mumbled something under his breath as he sat down. She had known him for a long time but had never seen him in this mood. She had viewed him angry in the court room and sullen because of being disgusted with some of the people that came before him but never like this.

He started to speak but wasn’t making much sense so she interrupted and said, “I know you slip out and visit some lady friends at night and I’m wondering if it isn’t time for you to do that again for you are… err somewhat repressed if I’m reading you right.”

He didn’t bother to deny what she said but the thought crossed his mind and he wondered how she knew so much about his activities outside of the office. He always was if nothing else, discreet.

He was a little perturbed and said, “If you can read me so well maybe you know what I want to discuss.”

She looked at his eyes and said; “You must be kidding.”

He said, “I know you are smart but you don’t know everything.”

She said, “Okay you asked for it so here goes. You haven’t been down to see your lady friends for a while and are feeling to put it plainly, you’re horny.

That is the first issue.

The second is after seeing me in a  bathing suit that doesn’t leave much for the imagination to feed on it has stimulated you even further. Then you are beginning to think about the possibility of marrying me and are not sure if that is what you should do or not.

Seeing other men take an interest in me and the fact that I’m going to marry someone not to far off is putting pressure on you to have to act or be left out in the cold and it is troublesome.

Your mind and your feelings are somewhat in conflict with one another and to be honest you are confused and want to sort it out. That about it, isn’t it? If you need me to be more definitive I can be.”

“Hmmn, no you have covered about everything that is anything but I want you now.”

“You mean you want to marry me now?”

“Well yes, but I want you now.”

“You are really serious aren’t you? Of course I’m serious my bachelor days are coming to an end.”

She replied, “You know it just so happens that a lot of couples come to the same decision while visiting this island and the local authorities have made provision for buying a marriage license on the weekends. The question is are you ready or were you just excited and all.”

Then it hit him and he came back to himself, “Me get married, no way.”

That was a lie and all his passion drained out of him like a bathtub draining only faster.

She saw how he lost the fervency he had in his eyes and she said, “its different when it hits home isn’t it?”

He thought I wanted to talk to her but this is more that I anticipated, what a woman.

She stood up and took his hand and said, “Let’s walk back to the cottage. As they started off he said let’s walk down town there s something I need.

His feelings were changing or rather were coming into focus and he realized that at his age he was in love at last.  He had a spell of passion earlier that had subsided somewhat but this was a clear cut feeling of love exclusive of a desire for instant relief that virtually every man has felt.

As they walked he said excuse me I’ll be right back. He walked over to a policeman and had a short conversation with him and then returned.

She took his arm as they walked along and was pulling him over against her and then pushing him away just funning.

As they looked into the shop windows he said, “Let’s go into here.”

It was kinda like a business but had an office toward the rear. As they got closer she saw the sign, Marriage licenses here.

He turned to her and said; “Will you marry me?”

It was her time to look shocked but she managed a suppressed, “Yes.”

He stepped up to the desk and said one marriage license please.

Fifteen minutes later they stood before a magistrate who was also a local minister saying vows that he never thought he would say. The minister ended saying you may kiss the bride. It was the first time he had ever kissed her but it was like he was trying to make up for lost time.

She said, “Perhaps we should return to the cottage before we embarrass ourselves.”

For the next two hours they were as young newlyweds. Their fervor reached the same level as young lovers and she said this is one of the reasons I wanted to get remarried for I have been missing the intimacy of marriage.

After their lust had temporally been satisfied the reality of what they had done hit him. His whole life had just been changed.

Where will they live, what about her kids, how will they take it, I hope she isn’t pregnant; so many thoughts were hitting him.

She could see he was trying to think through all of the things they had not talked about.  
She said you will move into my large house. I already told the kids I was going to be married this weekend and while I’m still young enough to have another child I had prepared for that and I’m not pregnant at least not yet. That is something we must discuss.

He thought, “Me - - a dad, No way but on the other hand, maybe.”

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