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Monday, April 28, 2014


Week End at the Resort

This is only Monday and I don’t know if I can wait until the weekend. Linda and I along with the gang are going to have the biggest time of our life.

It took a lot of convincing to get her folks to agree to let her go with me for there have been a lot of untrue stories spread around about me.

Mostly by girls I either have broken up with or won’t go out with. In any case the three days coming up will be the best of my life and the past can jump in the lake as far as I’m concerned.

Tonight night I called her and her father hesitated but let me talk to her when I told him my call was about her wearing something “Less revealing.”

When I told her what I had done she said she wasn’t going to take my advice for she had already packed her mini bikini suits.

I thought I would surely get in a fight because of some guy making a lewd remark about her for she was something to behold and stimulating. I said I was looking forward to seeing more of her on the weekend.

She said, “I hope dad isn’t listening in or the deal will be off, and don’t call me till Friday morning when we leave for I don’t want anything to foul up the trip because of  something said that my dad might get wind of.”

“Okay,” I said, “But it won’t be easy.”

It was the most stressful week just waiting and thinking about Linda. I was determined not to let my fantasying over her to spoil the actual being with her for fantasy can do just that.

The projecting yourself into situations that aren’t about to happen can be a let down or so my psychology teacher has told me.

My first sighting of Linda on Friday made the week of waiting worth while. Picking her up and getting by her gruffy father and her suspicious mother was the doorway into paradise.

We met all the gang of twelve and were off to see the Wizard so to speak for we were expecting a magical weekend. We checked into the resort and tension began to build because Linda and I were the only ones who had separate rooms.

None of the other couples had told us they were “saving money” by having rooms together. This immediately had the effect of separating us from the rest of the group.

I wasn’t about to suggest Linda and we do the same thing but she brought it up. She made it clear she wasn’t into that and her father had a way of finding out things so don’t get any ideas.

Well things got worse from that point on. The more I said I didn’t know about the arrangements the others had made and that I had no intention of trying to pressure her into being in the same room with me the worse it got.

She didn’t want me to touch her and by the end of the day we were hardly speaking. I had hoped that would at least keep things from getting worse.

The next morning after a restless night I told the group I was going to explore some caves nearby and suggested Linda could go boating with them.

That went over like the proverbial lead balloon. She said she was going to lay by the pool and wasn’t interested in watching them make out.

I said, “Wonderful,” with a bit of sarcasm, “You do just that,” and I left before things got more heated.

Since it was so warm I just wore some shorts and a tee shirt. There were several hundred small caves in the vicinity so it should be an interesting day, or so I told myself. I walked along the coast quite a ways, fretting as I went and talking to myself.

I saw a group of caves on the hillside and climbed up to them. I entered the first on and found it to be deeper that I would have guessed. I had only got a couple hundred feet into the cave when there was a slight trembler.

It wasn’t much of a shake relative to the ones near home but it caused some rocks to fall and pinned me to the floor of the cave. I was covered with rocks, my left arm immobile, and my right unmovable except for my hand.

I could only open and close it. After trying to calm myself down which took some doing I was trying to figure how to get out of this predicament.

Since I couldn’t move there weren’t any solutions readily available.

Moving my right arm just caused the sharp rocks to cut into it so I stopped doing that.

I thought about the hotel concierge warning me to not go alone in the caves but I was too upset to pay any attention to his cautioning.

After an hour or so and being in considerable pain I had quit blaming Linda for my predicament and tried a few shouts that took too much strength.

I realized something was moving and it wasn’t me. I was able to raise up enough to see it was a snake. As it moved closer I could see it was a poisonous variety. It seemed much longer but it was about five and a half foot long. That flicking tongue was striking fear in me and the snake sensed it. It would coil up in striking position and then stretch out again.

It crawled over my face and around my head all the time I was expecting to be bit and become unconscious.

After being tormented for an half hour like that it put its head in my only moveable part which was my hand and I grasped it right behind it’s head and squeezed as tight as I could. It only took me a minute to realize I had done a wrong thing.

The snake was twisting and whirling trying to free itself from my grip. It then wrapped itself around my hand and started to constrict. It was squeezing my hand and wrist with all its strength. It was cutting the blood flow to my hand which was becoming numb and I couldn’t tell if I was still gripping it or not.

After some hours I didn’t know if I had been bitten or just passed out but when I awoke it was dark out side and some people were digging me out of the rock slide. They had a difficult time getting me to release the snake which I was still squeezing.

When I came to myself I said I didn’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone.

They said I was on my way to the hospital to be checked out. A day later I was released with plenty of bruises and scratches. My hand had no feeling in it for a week or so but finally has returned to almost normal.

Linda called me a couple of times but the magic has gone and she has faded back into background of, “I don’t know what I ever saw in her.”

As I understand it most of the couples who “Saved money” aren’t speaking anymore.

As for me I have a new girlfriend who understands me and keeps me under control. I am able to look at her and see she has it all without me going ape’y.

She is all I want and need in a woman and if she get’s her way (and she usually does) we will be wed shortly.

 * * *
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