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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, April 18, 2014


May had a dream to attend Cooking School
“Come on May let’s eat.  I’m going to be hungry as soon as my stomach settles down.  Cases that are little more than foolishness cause my inwards to tense up and I need to relax in order to enjoy my meal.

Let’s sit in a booth for they are a little more private.  May said do you mind being seen with me?”

“No I don’t mind, I don’t care what people might think. You are pretty bold aren’t you Judge?”

“I don’t know, maybe, it’s just people don’t intimidate me. I live by my version of the big ten rules and my version is pretty close to what they say. Let’s have a small glass of wine for our stomach’s sake and we can chat for a bit before eating.”

After the wine was served he asked, “What is on your mind?”

“Judge did you mean it when you said I was better than what I was doing?”

“Sure and I meant it, you’re young and you shouldn’t be a sperm dump for men who just want to use you.”

“Well Judge I have thought about it and I think I agree with you.”

“Good, good, May that is the first step to starting a new life. You must start where you are and it is a step by step process.  Most girls are around thirteen or so and they want to be popular.

They start going to parties and dope or drink and start having sex with boys who say; “I love you.”  Those are magic words to a teenage girl needs to hear.  Eventually they get hooked with a pimp and then they are held captive by them for they say; “I love you.”

“That’s pretty much what happened to me. By the time I graduated I was pretty well alienated from my parents because they objected to my promiscuousness.  Instead of finishing college I worked in my Aunt’s restaurant as a chef. I was a chef in as much as I could read a recipe and follow directions.

Judge Paine I want out but my pimp won’t let me. I’m afraid if I try to leave he will kill me.”

“Okay I get the picture let’s eat and then we will solve your problem. How about a New York steak with the trimmings and some apple pie… sound alright?”

“I’m not hungry but that sounds great.”

Forty five minutes later the Judge said, “For someone who wasn’t hungry you did pretty well with that steak. Now to the problem, I need two pieces of information, one a name, and two an address. Write it down on a piece of paper with a description of the pimp. How long how have you been with him?”

“Let’s see… it has been three months now.”

“Just a question, do you have anything you want where you live?”

“No, not really. This is the only decent dress I have, all the rest are street hooker outfits. You know outfits that show almost everything.”

“We’ll forget about them for you won’t need them anymore. Temporally you will stay at my place and I will take you there as soon as we buy you some underwear and a dress or two.”

After the Judge got her settled in he made two phone calls. The first was to some rangers’ he served with in the service and the other to a cooking school on the west coast.

The rangers spent a day watching her pimp and figuring out a plan to deal with him. The next morning they crashed his door in and before he could respond they had his gun and him rolled up in a ball.

The two girls were told to curl up in a fetal position in the corner which they did.

One of the rangers asked the girls where he kept his money and they said under the mattress.

They threw the mattress off the bed and discovered several piles of hundreds there.

The pimp was trying to get free so they hit him on the head which put him to sleep. They asked the girls if they wanted to get out and they said yes.

They said, “Pack your bags and get ready to leave.”

The rangers gave the pimp a couple of licks that would take months to recover from along with a couple of broken arms. They placed the money in a case and with the girls in tow they left. At the airport they gave each girl five thousand dollars of the pimp’s money and a ticket to where they wanted to go; one went West and the other South.

The rangers told the girls as they were leaving “Get a life” and  then slipped away.

They called the Judge and said, “Everything had been taken care of.  The pimp had more money than what you would expect him to have.  He must owe some drug dealers a lot of money and they are going to be angry with him.”

They agreed to meet the next day and send May on her way. They gave her a ticket, double the money the other girls got, and the address of the Culinary school she had been enrolled in.

The rangers told the Judge there was a lot of money left and the Judge told them to keep it and take a vacation.

A year later May wrote the Judge that she had finished her training and had a good job in one of the cities finest restaurants. She also said she had met a man and they would be married shortly.

That evening Judge Paine relaxed and had a small cognac. As he sipped it he thought to himself, "Maybe I have done a little good in this old world." 
To be continued

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