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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, April 11, 2014


My Continued Stories will resume soon.  Hope you have liked these short stories while waiting.

I must have been every bit of four when I became enamored with the big skillet at our house. We had some other size skillets but they were extra for when we had the kin folks over.  

What really got me going was when we had company and Gram would get up early (I’m talking like four in the morning) and start the fire in the cook stove.

As I lay in bed I would wait to hear the big skillet being dragged across the top of the cast iron stove and then the sizzle of some corn dodger being fried first.

With every clatter a new image popped into my mind for I knew just what was happening.  The sound of the dodger being scraped from the skillet and being put into the warmers over the stove (That dodger was great to snack on between meals) meant the next step was the ham being fried in big batches.

The smell of that ham was always too much for me and out of the bed I came and into the kitchen in my drawers. I would sit myself down and as soon as the first batch of ham was done I would ask Gram for a slice.

I would trim off the fat around the ham while waiting for it to cool enough to eat. Then it was just me and that mouth watering slice of ham. That would hold me until the grits, biscuits, eggs, potatoes and two kinds of gravy was ready.

That skillet full of fried potatoes would feed all that could fit around the table and more.  Gram had some other skillets that weren’t quite as large as the big one but it was my favorite because it would hold much more.

The old coffee pot was about four times as big as a regular one it took a lot of drinking to empty it out.

The cast iron pot was always ready for whatever kind of beans Du’juor.  A lot of those large butterbeans had been cooked in that pot and a lot more to come. They were about the size of a quarter when done.

Polk salad and turnip greens, yams and everything pork, I ate it all.

Possums I skipped for they were too greasy even for me.

Squirrels and rabbits were a delight and of course chicken finger licking fried or boiled with dumplings.

The orchard provided fresh fruit in the summer and then canned for the winter.

The bees made honey and the sorghum cane gave molasses.

The skillet and the pot made it all but gourmet eating for us country folks.

Thinking about this made me hungry for some “Corn Bread and Butterbeans” and my honey across the table. 



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  1. Thank you Robert for sharing and for the corn bread you made tonight with your home made soup. Yumm


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