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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Left or Right Brain??

Yes, I confess, I often read other people’s blogs, and one of my favorites is

I have other favorites too, but Katy is so humorous in her own light.

Kat had a recent blog post where she speaks of her secret shame, being that she mixes up left from right. She also has a terribly sense of direction.  Anyway she found a book that had some tests to see if you were right or left brain.

One of the tests: Point your finger at maybe the corner of the room, and shut one eye, then the other. Usually one eye will see the corner but the other will be off center.

Honestly I do not know what that proves, but it was an interesting test.  She was taking the test as her husband walked in, and he asked her what she was doing.  She explained and told him she was left eye dominant. She did it again for emphasis and her husband exclaimed: Kat, that is your right eye! See what I mean. Hilarious I thought.

My husband has a problem reading instructions and directions. I do the reading and he discovers his method to put something together.  Oh Well.

I think he may have passed this mix on to our youngest daughter who has always had trouble comprehending anything told to her verbally. Actually this also applies to paper.  She also mixes up left and right and back and front.

When she was a child, I would ask her to use the back door, and she would head for the front. She cannot follow a recipe or understand instructions, yet she went to college and has her doctorate.

My conclusion and this is what I think - - - -

Left or right mixed up people must be a genius. What do you think?

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