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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Bible states in Romans, 1 Corinthians and Ephesians, this is where you will find the main gifts of the Spirit named.

I have searched for a scriptural gift that many people have and so for I haven’t found it.

It’s the gift of Whacky-ness.

There was a case when it was in manifestation in the book Genesis when the people decided to build a tower all the way up to heaven. You can’t get much more whacky than that though people still try.

Then there was another time when Moses went up into the mountain to commune with GOD and while he was gone the people decided to make themselves another god, one that was made with hands.

When Moses returned to the camp and saw the orgy that was in progress he demanded where this golden calf came from. Brother Aaron explained he threw a lot of gold into the fire and out came this calf. Aaron neglected to tell Moses that he melted the people’s gold down making the idol himself, then proclaimed a feast to sacrifice to their new god.

How quickly people can reason themselves out of what is real unto that which is false.

This spirit of whacky-ness is in manifestation when some shepherd is in the desert and all of the sudden he gets a message that there is a new god, a new book from heaven and it replaces the real GOD.

Others have found plates of gold and have translated them for new wisdom.

Some of us are sticking with the old GOD, the original one who created the universe and everything in it. We do this because we can’t see any reason to exchange the real for the imaginary.

The spirit of rebellion permeates many people and the spirit of whacky-ness allows them to create their tower up to heaven, the golden calf, new religions and anything else they can think of.

This gift of whacky-ness always produces something negative. It breaks up homes and destroys families. It gets people into debt. It causes drug dependencies and can affect a nation’s stability.

With some folks it seems to be a permanent condition while others only manifest it occasionally.

As has been said before; we live in a whacky world.

To be sure this gift has no place in the church of Jesus Christ - - but at times I suspect it may have found a place.

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