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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I ain’t the man I used to be so many long years ago, is how the old song went. Then at the end it said; “They used to call me Atlas but now they call me little Joe, I ain’t ……….

While dusting some of our old pictures, looking at our wedding picture I thought; who are those people?

They look so young and vibrant, full of energy and ready for life. Even without any touch up they don’t have wrinkles or hair loss.

These people still exist but only in my weakening memories. Much of that guys thinking and purposes escape me now.

One thing I remember was when was I was selected for a husband by my wife I figured she knew what she was doing, and so I went along with it.

It looks like she made the right decision. She turned me into what I didn’t used to be, a husband.

Another thing that happened to me and I remember this pretty good was when Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit turned me from being a heathen into a Christian. And I was no longer the man I used to be.

There have been many changes in the years that followed and they also changed me in some ways but the change that Jesus made hasn’t been altered in any way for his work was complete.

While I must say that I ain’t the man I used to be at one time, I am still the man Jesus turned me into.

Now as to the wife; as best as I can remember she is the same as she was when she chose me except she has matured some and that has made her a bit better.

So now what about me? Maybe I ain’t the man I would like to be but I shore ain’t the man I used to be.

Thanks be to the Lord and with a little help from my wife.

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