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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, February 14, 2011


Some scriptures cause me feel ughish.

They run agin my fleshly nature.  One of them is, when somebody hauls off and smacks you on the side of your head you have to tick him/her off by turning the other side and get whacked on it.

Now I know that most Christians delight in doing that but I’m still working on it.

Then there is the one that says, if somebody says give me your coat you ought to give him/her your cloak also.

The only way I would do that is to be caught in an alley and someone has a knife or gun in their hand and threatens me with bodily harm. Should that happen I would gladly give them my coat, shirt, shoes and everything else they wanted.

There are other scriptures I have trouble with but I have to think, they must have a reason that escapes a casual perusing.

Parents (unless they are stupid) know and understand their children, their strengths and weaknesses. They then attempt to guide them in the ways that will cause them to be successful in life.

While it’s always love, sometimes it is what has been called tough love but love nevertheless. This kind of love sets standards high and is unrelenting.

Of course your children will hate you for the next twenty years but will eventually get their sanity back.

As our children are constantly being tested by parents GOD also tests HIS children and no one enjoys having to take a test. His testing comes in many forms and for many reasons.

When problems occur we wonder is this a test from GOD or just a happenstance. Am I being taught a lesson or have I used bad judgment and got into this mess?

Abraham was tested to a greater extreme than we will ever be in Genesis 22.

What are you facing today? Is God pleased with how you are handling it?

It is said that our “life is the test” the whole of it, and as such it is a conglomeration of events that makes up our life.

The things that we face in life are our “proving ground.”

We are judged according to how we perform in our life experience. If I accept that there times when GOD is checking me out then it increases my resolve to prevail, no matter what the situation is.

I have to remind myself often of a few things; I didn’t ask to be born but I’m glad I was. It was GOD’S will that I’m here and that means I am part of HIS plan and purpose.

Knowing this makes me feel important and the lessons GOD is teaching me must be needful, so let the lessons continue.

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