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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, February 10, 2011


As the old line Republicans struggle with the “Newbies” on the block, they are finding they must align themselves with the Democrats in order to protect the government jobs that America depends upon.

Today our economy is dependent upon government jobs and the hue and cry from the Democratic socialist party is if budget cuts are made it will result in jobs being lost both in the public and private area.

This is probably true because our economy is like the people lost in an Amazon jungle plane crash turned cannibalistic.

It is feeding upon itself in order to survive.

The theory is the government jobs have a trickle down effect and create other job in the private sector. But this is why the Democrats, Socialists and old line Republicans are fearful that the cannibalistic nature of this economy will be exposed if cuts are made.

Like people who have become used to eating human flesh we have acquired a taste for it and aren’t about to give it up. The things we demand from this government have turned us into a cannibalistic society that demand more and more for nothing.

One day I fear we will discover that we are feasting upon ourselves and have already eaten our legs and are starting to look at our arms.

Oh well, so be it.

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