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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What is Christmas Really?

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Tis the season to be jerks, or so it seems. Each year we experience the same old ranting by America’s heathens, recycling the same old garbage.

One of the “Man on the street” questions was; “Is Christmas about the birth of Christ?” The answers varied depending who they asked. Judging from what some said it would seem Satan is making a lot of converts and they are vocal about their beliefs.

While just the fact that the question is asked is an irritant but (as the old expression was) “I don’t give a “tinkers damn” about what they think.

What they erroneously believe doesn’t change my relationship with GOD and what their blinded eyes can’t see is; that they are thinking and speaking damnation to themselves concerning the denial of Christ in any way.

Christmas is a day of celebration and has great meaning for those of the household of GOD but for the heathen it is simply a day when they give gifts to their children in lieu of teaching and admonishing them in the way of the Lord.

There are many days celebrated by the religions of this world worshipping the god they have created.

Psalms. 14:1 Godless fools say in their hearts, "There is no God." They are corrupt. They do disgusting things. There is no one who does good things.

Those of the Christian faith look to two special days (Easter and Christmas) and rejoice in them for both speak of new life and a new beginning.

This in a nutshell describes the difference between Christianity and all other religions, one worships the god they have made and the Christian worships the GOD who made them.

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