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Sunday, December 25, 2011


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Happy Birthday always has a merry, cheery sound to it. Another year has passed and your new year has started.

The happiest birthday of all was when Jesus was born and the angels sang songs of redemption. It was truly “Joy to the World” for the Lord had come.

Jesus came for a purpose, and a few years later he fulfilled that purpose. As one of my songs that I wrote, says; “When Jesus died he FULLY paid for my salvation.”

Just as Jesus’ birthday initiated the beginning of his purpose, so also your birthday was the beginning of your purpose here on earth. Each day is a step toward finishing your reason for being here. Your being here is not an accident but you have a part to play in the program of GOD. If you always keep this thought before you no matter how menial your daily tasks are you are fitting into GOD’S plan for you.

Jesus’ life wasn’t all preaching and miracles, but in realty that was just a small part of his life albeit a very important part of it.

As a new year approaches it will fit into GOD’S plan and your part will also be part of the overall happening. An automobile will function without a horn but where would the honking be?

Even so GOD’S plan would go forward without you, but something would be missing for you are a very important part of GOD’S program.

1Corinthians 12:18 But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.

You may not feel very important but GOD thinks differently. YOU, individually have been placed where HE wants you to be. Keep this thought before you; you may be a plumber or a housewife but that is not your position in the body of Christ.

You may be a prayer warrior, or an example of what a Christian should be, and whatever you are, this is where you fit into the body of Christ and in GOD’S eyes. You are as important as any other part. Your success will depend largely upon how you view yourself in the kingdom of GOD. You can be as faithful as the apostle Paul and be rewarded as he will be, for faithfulness is the standard not the task alone.

I urge you to read and study 1Corinthians 12 until you see how important GOD thinks you are.

Then as you go forth it will be with new resolve to fulfill the race set before you.

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