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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Happy to Tax under the Radar
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President Obama announced recently that he would impose a 35 percent tariff on automobile and light-truck tires imported from China.

“The decision is a major victory for the United Steelworkers, the union that represents American tire workers;” states the New York Times.

The wizards in Washington are fast at work doing their job which is raising taxes. Any tariff on imported goods goes into the treasury and is an addition tax on the consumers.

So if Obama in fact starts this trade war with China (one which we will lose) then the American people will have to pay for the tariffs. This is a slick way to tax “we the people” and not call it a tax.

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Simply stated a tax is a tax if it takes money out of your pocket, and puts it in the government treasury whether it is a direct tax or indirect tax.

As stated it the Times article this action is being done to save union jobs and make the American people pay for them.
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 It is a given that the Democrats are pulling out all stops to put higher taxes on us and some of the Republicans also support that plan.

Herman Cain is touting his 999 plan which is a great tax increase on those who can least afford it.

It seems Herman Cain may be a Democrat in disguise. 

A tax by any other name is still a tax !!

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