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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Montgomery Wards catalog used to be my good friend when I couldn’t get to town.

When I could get the money I would place my order and wait for the day when it would arrive. Only a couple of days after I sent it, I would start looking for my order, but it would take about three weeks before it would actually arrive.

This was a three part action, first I would read all the pages (even the women’s and kid’s ones) and then when I would get to the area that pertained to me and then I really got serious about shopping.

So the first step was to get information.

Then I made my decision based upon what I wanted and what I could afford. After placing the order I waited until someone else decided it was time for my delivery.

At last the day would arrive and I was rewarded for my patience - - that which was promised was mine.

Actually the Christian life is somewhat like the old Wards routine for it is in three parts.

First I had to get some information. That I received when I heard the gospel preached.

Second I decided that was what I wanted so I accepted Jesus and was saved.

Thirdly I began waiting for the day when I receive my reward.

I must admit that the first and second part was the easiest of the equation for the waiting is most difficult part of the three.

I couldn’t do anything to speed up my order from Wards and there isn’t anything I can do to speed up the return of Christ.

The Father has set the day and hour for his return. I must confess the waiting isn’t getting any easier.

So what shall I do “until Then” The words Occupy Till I Come stand out in scripture for he had placed in their hands resources with which to be profitable unto Him.   Luke 19:13.

So much can be said about this scripture and I feel it would be better said by you for you know what you need to hear. As I fight off the temptation to challenge you with many scriptures, I only say get ready, and stay ready. Always keep you ear toward listening for the trumpet that will surely sound for it will be on time.


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