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Sunday, November 2, 2014


This short True Story is entered at Hazel's “Tell Me a True Story.”   
 My continued story will resume shortly.
Everyone Wanted to Follow The Prophet
He was a young man full of himself and yet on occasion he showed flashes of the right kind of stuff. He felt he had been called to preach the word but that feeling along with an overabundance of zeal was about as far as he had progressed so far.

He enrolled in Bible school or the version of it in his day and he found himself among the same kind of would be preachers as himself.

They were all trying to make some kind of a mark that would set them apart from the rest and cause the true prophet to notice them and take them under his wing.

As fate would allow this young man, Eli managed to stand out from the rest and the top speaker in the country let him hang around him for laughs.

Oft times he would have to put him back into his place. He would get to talking about the mega church he was going to have, twice as big as the true prophet has.

The prophet would say, “You sound just like all the rest of those Bible school students with empty hands and empty heads.”

All Eli could think and talk about was his great ministry and how GOD was going to bless what he was going to do.

The time came when the Spirit began to do small things through Eli and the prophet was aware of it.  From that day forward The Prophet began to take the young man seriously.

Eli started to take on the persona of a man truly called of GOD.  He started to dress like the Prophet; with a leather outfit and let his thinning hair on his head grow long and always was exposing his hairy manly chest.

The other Bible students were jealous of the progress Eli was making but began to recognize he was doing what they were only hoping for and talking about.

They were sure he was going to have the biggest church of them all.

The time came when the old prophet was to depart from this earth and Eli stayed by his side continually.

The prophet said, “You’re bothering me - - go your way.”

But Eli said, “No way I’m with you till the end.”

The old prophet said, “What is it you want from me?”

Eli said, “I want double of what you have.”

The old prophet said, ‘You don’t want double the trouble I’ve had I’m sure of that.”

“No, no I mean double the blessing GOD has bestowed upon you.”

The prophet said, “I leave shortly and have a lot of traveling to do but if you are with me at my departure the double blessing is yours.”

Not too long after, the old prophet departed in a blaze of glory leaving his cloak near the place of his departure.

Eli went over and to the cloak and ripped up his own cloak and put the departed prophet’s cloak on.

When he came to the river where the old prophet had commanded the waters to part he took the cloak just as the prophet had done and struck the waters and shouted; “Where is the GOD of the old prophet,” and the waters parted before him.

So began the ministry of the young prophet in earnest.  

What he became to realize was when GOD moved upon him it was to solve problems.

Along with the double blessing came double trouble which wasn’t what he had in mind when he asked for the blessing.

Where once he had a full head of hair he now was bald and while he interacted with women and solved their problems he never mentioned having a wife of his own.

Having fulfilled his course he departed this earth and left the heritage that men seek today; a double portion like unto the blessing Elisha was given.

“A bed time version of Elisha’s life”

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. I loved your retelling of a well know Bible Story.


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