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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 9

A Surprise Awaits the Family
With Josie (the mission worker) and the girls settled I asked Linda what the next step was going to be.

She kinda wrinkled her nose and said, “Well, I suspect Mason needs to meet his offspring in the mean time I… er I mean, We will introduce them to their other relatives.

Let’s start with the grandparents. “I think we should clue them in on what is about to take place for I don’t believe having a face to face without warning would be fair to all.”

Linda agreed that we should talk to them but she wanted me to do the explaining.

After I said I would we went to the Wynn’s wing of the house and after concluding the necessary niceties I said, “You are aware that Mason made several trips to Africa aren’t you?”

They both answered and said, “Yes, we have a lot of art work he sent from different parts of the continent.”

I said, “Because of some of his indiscretions it has come to our attention that he sired two children and they have now came seeking their father. I have checked the DNA of both the children and Mason and there is no doubt they are his offspring and your grandchildren.

We have met with them and found them to be fine young ladies the ages of thirteen and fourteen. They have been well educated as far as it has gone. They are courteous and well-spoken. Linda and I are quite impressed with them.  We want you to meet them as soon as they adjust to the difference in the two countries.

There is also a lady who has had the responsibility of raising them and is now being tended to in a clinic.  She is coming along quite nicely.

She wishes to leave the girls with the family; that is their father if possible.  After which she will be returning to her family.

She has stated that if they are not wanted by the family she will take them with her although with her limited income it will be difficult.”

The grandparents sat there with their mouth open.

I went on and said, “You realize that Africa is primarily a black nation and the mothers of the children are also black women.

The girls only know Josie the nurse, who is white as their mother and they have never seen their real mothers.”

It was sometime before the Wynn’s said anything. Finally Mr Wynn said, “We need a while to digest all of this,” and went to their bed room.

I told Linda, “I must say, that went well.”

She said, ‘They will be okay as soon as they get over the shock of being grandparents of two black children.”

Linda continued, “I have asked everybody except Mason and his wife to meet with us tonight and I will break the news to them.  Meanwhile I’m going to see my new nieces and you better tell Charlie alone with just the two of you.”

I said, “Okay,” and went to work.

When I got there Charlie said, “I’ve been looking for you. You’re late this morning, no trouble I hope.”

I said, ‘No not exactly,” and proceeded to tell him the whole story.

Without batting an eye he said, “We need to go over these new contracts and get them signed before the day is out if possible.”

After we finished the work for today Charlie asked; “Have you seen these children?”

I said “Yes, Linda has spent most of the day with them. Our children are looking forward to meeting them as soon as possible.”

“Does Barbra know?”

I said, “She will very soon for Linda is meeting with the family in a short time. Linda wanted me to tell you privately in case you had any suggestions before we proceed with the announcement.”

He said, “No I think you are handling it very well although I would like to meet Nurse Josie for she sounds like a dedicated person and they are rare these days.”

I said, “That can be arranged very soon.”

When Can we See the Girls?
With the family assembled Linda proceeded to tell the story to them and I thought they took it very well considering.

They all wanted to know when they could see the girls and Linda said, “As soon as you are ready I will bring them here for a meeting.” 

She continued, “I know you will need time to adjust to a new line of thinking for I will not have the girls feeling they are inferior to us.
I believe our children will accept them quicker than the adults can.  Whether expected or not they are our flesh and blood and we need to accept them as such.

I would like to have our meeting before Mason and Elsa return thus eliminating one problem.”

Everyone wanted to know when it would be and Linda said, “Mason will be back in a week so shall we say four days.”

They consented so we set it up. Linda said we need to get their rooms ready. If father agrees we will put them in his wing.

I said, “I wish they had names that were more American like Lucy and Martha for it would be one less thing setting them apart from their new home folks.”

Linda said there will be no changes unless they want them. They did mention this to me and said people think our names sound like baby names especially Baba. So we will see as days go by.

The day of the meeting Linda went and picked up Josie and the girls and brought them to the estate.

Josie was recovering quickly with the care she was getting. When we arrived, the family welcomed the girls, and were very kind to them although a bit curious.

They weren’t quite as black as they expected.

Father Wynn wanted to show them their rooms that were near to him and their grandmother. 

Charlie was intrigued with Josie and her dedication to the mission all those years. He spent most of the evening talking to her. The evening went well and everyone found the girls to be exceptional under the conditions they found themselves.

It was agreed the girls would move in the next day and Josie would leave the following day. Linda had convinced Josie that the girls were in good hands and she need not worry.

She told Josie as soon as she was settled in at home she would have the girls call her and keep her up to date about what was going on.

Charlie wanted to bring in a tutor to help get the girls adjusted before sending them to school and Linda agreed to that suggestion.

The next hurdle was to happen in two days.  Elsa was due back before Mason. Linda preferred to speak to both at the same time but it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen.

Elsa was shocked
Barbra decided to take on this task so she took Elsa out for lunch and explained everything.  
As you might realize, Elsa was in shock. She said, “You mean I’m the step-mom to two black teenagers!”

Barbra said, “Yes, that’s about it.”  She went on and explained that the family had decided to take the responsibility for them as a whole and not just one person.

She wanted to meet the girls as soon as possible and Barbra said as soon as we get home and they are through with their studies.

Elsa looked at the girls, first one, and then the other. She then gave each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then said, “I’m your new momma.”

The girls looked at each other and then both hugged her for some time.

Elsa said, ‘Your dad will be home a little later and will be glad to see you.”

Elsa had got Mason on the phone and explained everything to him and he didn’t know if he should come home or not.  After Elsa gave him a stern talking to he quickly got that thought out of his head.

When Mason arrived home he went to his room and tried to prepare himself for what was coming.

Elsa went and got him and took him to the room where the girls were.  When he saw them his eyes began to water and the three of them had a wet greeting without much being said.

Elsa brought in her boy and said this is your brother Mason Jr you can call him Mackie.

The girls wanted to hold him but he wasn’t ready for that.  Later he wanted to touch their skin to see if the color would come off.

That night Linda said, “It looks like all went well and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for The House of Lancaster.”

To be Continued

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