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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 7 - George has time for Doris

George has time for Doris

While getting ready for a race George broke his arm and he couldn’t figure out how to drive with his arm in the cast and sling.  

He would spend some time at his dealership but was in the way for the most part. As a rule he wasn’t there most of the time and had taken on a partner to run things.

While his partner was a good business man George did a lot of P R work through his racing.  He was on TV a lot and the sportscasters liked to interview him.

All of a sudden he realized he had a wife and she wasn’t bad to look at. They began to go out together a lot and she peaked his interest both day and night. Before his arm was completely healed Doris announced to the family that she was with child.

Mother Wynn said if he hadn’t broke his arm she might never have gotten pregnant. Doris and Barbra became much closer as the result of her becoming a mother.

Where before the only thing they had in common were the parties they attended. This new event now of course affected the entire household. 

All of the women both family and staff were stirred up wanting to have a child. Even Linda began to have the mother instinct and I had to soothe her with the idea of finishing college before we entered into that endeavor.

I wondered if any more of the family would be getting in a family way.

Linda and I moved into the big house and that made things a little more practical for we were taking most of our meals with the family anyway and many other things were easier.

James #1 butler

James had now become #1 butler at long last and moved into the apartment over the garage. This pleasured him to no end for he could now have company with a place for overnight stay.

Charlie had laid down certain rules to be followed and James was well aware of what the penalty was for violating them. This opened up space in the big house and the scullery maids moved into the empty bedrooms. This was going to be a great help for them not having to pay any rent.

James wanted the garage apartment before I first came to work for Charlie and now he has it.

Ellen and Mary

Charlie wanted the two scullery maids to be a success so he helped them every way he could. Some thought he was too close to them being hired help but he viewed them as young sisters.  His plans were to hire them for the company as soon as they graduated from college.

The girls had several young men interested in them so Charlie had “The Man” check them out. Most of the boys were just college age but a couple he sent packing being deemed as punks.

The smell of money

Charlie was pretty liberal with the senior Wynn’s for they were allowed to host a variety of folk of their acquaintance.

On one occasion there was a couple from England who contacted the Wynn’s and the Wynn’s asked them to come and visit. For the record the couple wasn’t married so they required separate rooms. This wasn’t a problem for they stayed in the Wynn’s wing of the house where there were many rooms.

Lord Blears Smelled Money
Charlie noticed that the man, Lord Blears was paying a lot of attention to Barbra but figured they were renewing old acquaintances for they knew each other as young people.

Another thing that got him to thinking was the woman with Lord Blears was paying a great deal attention to Charlie.  

Charlie sent for some information which he found very informing.

While the female guest was very desirable to look at Charlie kept her at arm’s length even though she made it clear she was available.

After three weeks Barbra and Lord Blears met Charlie in his office and wanted to discuss something important with him. The man spoke first and said these last three weeks had renewed an old love between them and Barbra wanted a divorce.

Charlie sat for a minute thinking of what he just heard and asked Barbra if she was in agreement with his lordship.

She hesitated but answered yes.

Charlie asked Barbra if she wanted the children and Lord Blears spoke up and said yes but they would need the house In order for them to be raised properly.

Charlie said that wasn’t possible but there was a one room house on the backside of the property they could rent if they so desired.

Lord Blears said they would file tomorrow and he hoped an amiable settlement could be reached rather quickly.

Charlie said, “You of course realize everything I have is in untouchable trusts and our prenuptial agreement states should there be a dissolution of the marriage we each walk away with what is ours personally.

All of Barbra’s jewelry is just past replicas of the real jewelry which belongs to the corporation. You might get a couple hundred for them at a pawn shop. She only has a few hundred dollars in her accounts but it is enough for a weekend at the Savoy.”

Barbra's wallet is Empty !!
He buzzed his secretary and asked, “Did you cancel Barbra’s credit cards yet?”

She said, “Just finishing up right now.”

Charlie said, Lord Blears, you will have to live off of your wealth which amounts to less than four thousand dollars if my information is correct.  
Your girlfriend hasn’t had any success with me even though she tried real hard. I have had your bags packed so you and your girlfriend can leave immediately.

As for you Barbra you can come back later and get your things and I hope the three of you can have a good life trying to steal from unexpected victims.”

I arrived about this time and saw Lord Blears and his girlfriend walking down the drive with their suitcases and when I got to the main house Lady Barbra as she insisted on being called was sitting on her suitcase at the front door.

I said, “Good evening Lady Barbra,” and she didn’t answer back.

About nine that evening Mrs. Wynn went down and told Barbra to come in and stay in their wing of the house and she would get her a sandwich to eat.

The next morning while Charlie and the children were at breakfast, Barbra came down and sat not saying anything even when the children asked her something.

After the children left with Jeanie their nanny Barbra spoke and said, “I didn’t know you could be so cruel Charlie.”

“You mean my not giving your lover the millions of dollars he wanted and letting him dump you as soon as he got the money, like he has done before to some other silly women.

As it turns out old Charlie isn’t as naïve as you, my dear.  I had them investigated as soon as they moved in here.”

Barbra said, “You should have said something to warn me.”

You needed to learn that this Peerage nonsense is out of date and belongs in the past.

She said, “It means something to me and besides he wasn’t my lover… yet.”

During the next hour they had a long talk and she spent the next weeks trying to get back into the good graces of Charlie before he let her back into the bedroom.

He told me what happened and why he let her stay.  He said he didn’t have anything against the Wynn’s except he thought they were a little pompous.  If he kicked Barbra out then he would felt obligated to ask them and some of the family to leave also. None of them were responsible for what happened and it seemed unfair to make them pay for Barbra’s mistake.

I didn’t say much other than aha and humm, for he wasn’t wanting comment just an ear he could trust not to go blabbing it all around.

He realized she was vulnerable to anything that surrounded the higher society in England and here it didn’t compare with the snobbery of that society.  She fell victim to the past friendship, his Lordship, and a line of bull he spouted when they were together and then his girlfriend was supposed to distract me from what was going on.

Charlie underestimated Barbra’s wealth but he didn’t want Blears to know what she had for it might have been enough for him to take her with him and his girlfriend.

In any case it would have only lasted a few weeks the way they went through money.

I was glad things had settled down and peace prevailed… temporarily.
To be Continued


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