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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 3

I was almost finished with what was actually the third year of my studies and had begun spending time at Charlie’s main office getting acquainted with the business.

I was also spending time in the library where I met a lovely young lady. She was taking some of the same classes I was and we prepared for this year’s finals together.

We became good friends though there wasn’t anything romantic about our being together.  We finished the semester and she said she would have to be transferring to another college in order to get the credits she needed to graduate. I was sorry to hear that for we had became good friends and studying together made the time go faster.

Linda was taking some summer school classes, something I couldn’t understand because her grades were above average.

I had some free time so I thought I would go and pick her up after class and while I was waiting for her I happened to see her making out with a husky guy wearing a sports sweater. I supposed he was a football player and probably popular with the girls. I could see she was into him from the way she was kissing him so I left her to it.

I don’t need to tell you how I felt about the circumstance.  All this last year I kept hands off as Charlie had requested me, and here she was really digging this guy. We were supposed to be committed to one another and it seems I was the only one who took our relationship seriously.

I never told Charlie about this but I figured he might notice I wasn’t going around with her as of late.  A few days later he called me into his office and said he wanted to discuss something with me. I thought he is going to get on me for neglecting Linda.

When I got to his office I had to wait for a half hour and finally was led into his big office. He told me to sit down and he ordered us some drinks. I thought this is all too casual to be good.

He started with; I have something I need to go over with you and since you have been completely honest with me I’m going to be as honest with you. He said I have been very demanding as to your conduct with Linda. He said my company has a reputation to maintain and the conduct of all members of the family must remain without any vestige of scandal.

Something has come up that you need to know about and I’m not going to keep anything back from you. It seems Linda has been going out with a guy at her school. They have been slipping around and going to the local make out places.

This last time they were going farther than they had before and “The Man” (he didn’t call his detective by name) observed what they were doing and broke it up.

I had to ask; “How far did it go?”

He said, “Well… he got her bra and panties off before this man broke it up. ‘The Man’ pulled Linda out of the car half-dressed and took her to his car. The young husky guy came after them and attacked ‘The Man.’ 
That was a mistake for ‘The Man’ shook him like a rag and beat him up pretty bad and afterward had a short conversation with him before he let him go.”

“A conversation?”
“ What did he say?”

It had something to do with if he ever spoke to Linda again he would lose part of his face. He then almost twisted his ear off. He then ripped the rest of Linda’s clothes off and said; if you are going to be a slut you need to dress like one.

Because she was naked she tried to cover as much of herself with her hands and arms as she could for he wouldn’t allow her to have her torn clothes back. Yes that is the way he dropped her off at her front door.

Charlie went on and said, ‘From now on you can forget about Linda for it is apparent she can’t be honest in a relationship. This was her lesson number one in how to conduct oneself. Lesson two is ready when she needs it.”

He continued, “That’s about it but in case you are interested here is her bra and panties which you can keep or return to her if she tries to lie to you about her conduct.”

As he left, he said that he wouldn’t speak of this again so not to ask him for anymore answers.

I went upstairs to my apartment and was feeling totally let down. I knew she was playing around but never thought she had gone that far. I wonder who that mystery man was and how did he find her.

I should have asked Charlie when he asked me if I had any questions. I was so shocked that I couldn’t think of what say.

After he was gone, all of these questions flooded my mind:  Who was “The Man”? Why was he there, and why strip her naked?

If I could find the man I would pose those questions to him but I wouldn’t want him to whip me like he whipped the football player.

For the next three weeks I never went to see Linda but finally she came up to my apartment and just walked in.  This was something she usually did but I thought she might act differently after what happened.

Of course she didn’t know I knew everything that happened about her being ready to give herself to her hero and she tried to act as if nothing had occurred.

She came over and kissed me and started to talk her silly talk as usual. I wished she hadn’t kissed me for that was my weak spot even though I had built up a wall of resistance (Or tried to) about my feelings for her.

I asked her what she had been doing and got an evasive answer. So I dug a little deeper as it were.

I told her there is a rumor going around saying she was seeing someone behind my back.

She said, “Who told you that?”

“I said several people had all told me the same story, is there anything to it?

She began to redden.  I said, “Do you have something to tell me?”

She started to say no there was nothing to the story and then she saw her undies laid out on the table.

As fast as she could she ran out of my apartment crying and gasping for air.

It was a week later when I was taking a walk she caught up with me and wanted us to sit on a bench.

I said, “Sure why not, I need some rest before heading home.”

She said she had been talking to Charlie or rather Charlie had laid down the law to her and he told her I knew everything that was going on and what happened. She said she was sorry and was guilty of being unfaithful. She went on saying she hasn’t spoken to the guy since that night and doesn’t intend to ever again.

Another thing he has a deformed ear she never noticed before and she couldn’t understand why for it was obvious for everyone to see. She said she understood why I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore and couldn’t blame me.

I told her that I felt better about the situation since she was honest about it and there was no reason for us not to be civil toward one another. She said I guess I was too immature to commit to a relationship at this stage of my life and was vulnerable to attention from others even though I knew they just wanted sex from me.

I told her I hoped what happened would prepare her for a solid commitment to the next man who came her way.

She replied she hoped that was the case. She went on and said I really do love you and will continue to do so.

That took me aback somewhat and I didn’t know how to respond.  I told her to come back to the apartment for a minute. When we got there I retrieved her bra and panties and handed them to her. I said, “This is the only time I have ever had my hands your personals.”

She said, “I know you were just following Charlie’s orders about keeping hands off. I’m sorry for my foolishness,” as she started to weep and cling to me.

I held her for a while and said, ‘We all make mistakes and it’s not the end of the world.
It helps if we learn and don’t make the same mistake again.”
I released her and she left without saying anything else.
To be Continued

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