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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

House of Langcaster - Chapter 4

Each month there was a social gathering hosted by the senior Wynn’s, and Charlie went along with it even though it wasn’t his thing.  Lady Barbra flourished in those surroundings and Charlie liked to please her.

I was quite happy to assist at those times and see to it that everything went smoothly.
Charlie always introduced me as a part of the family and I met many influential people during those parties. This included many of their daughters some of whom I dated later on after breaking it off with Linda.

Due to the fact that Charlie and Barbra were very passionate people their bedroom was an active place in the evenings and much to everyone’s surprise they announced they would soon be the parents of a baby boy.

At first everyone thought they were going to adopt but they soon realized Barbra was pregnant.  Jeanie, her maid was ecstatic. They were going to have a baby in the house and she was going to be a part of raising it.

Barbra said she would have to get a nanny to which Jeanie objected saying you get a maid because you already have a nanny named Jeanie.

Barbra could see Jeanie was determined to be the baby’s auntie so she said okay, let’s keep peace in the family.

During the last month of Barbra’s pregnancy Jeanie interviewed over a dozen maids before she found one acceptable to her for after all she knew what Lady Barbra’s needs were.

Let me keep my focus on Barbra for a little longer even though there are many things going on within the family.

Barbra gave birth to their boy and Charlie was dumbfounded by the sight of him. He was so small and he was trying to tell what features were from his side of the family. It was a week later before I was allowed to see the child mostly because Jeanie wouldn’t let anyone near him. She makes such a fuss over the child; she wouldn’t even let Barbra disturb his rest except to nurse him.

As Barbra watched Jeanie care for the boy her only worry was she was going to spoil the child and his father isn’t going to like that.

The scullery maids, Ellen and Mary

Maids but studying to better themselves -
I enjoyed talking to the two scullery maids Ellen and Mary for we were all in school.

They were full of fun and took the cook’s complaints with a smile. Actually the three cooks liked the two girls for they did their job well.

Once in a while I would take Ellen and Mary out to dinner and a movie. It would be a time when we could all relax and let our minds take a holiday.

They liked to talk about the guys they were interested in and ask my opinion about each of them.

All in all it was just a fun time for the three of us and since I wasn’t dating much and I thoroughly enjoyed being with them. I knew how sincere they were about finishing their education and moving up in the world, it made me appreciate them all the more.

The Three Cooks
The three cooks; Zeta, Loraine, and Lucille were all single.

Ellen and Mary enjoyed teasing Zeta about her boyfriend. They would say things like we are going to take him away from you. She would reply; you can have him along with his wife and children.

Loraine had a long term boyfriend but marriage was never brought up. They liked the arraignment as it was for they were both independent and didn’t want to be tied down.

Lucille had several boyfriends and wanted to get married but she couldn’t get any of the right ones to propose to her. She wasn’t without any opportunities over the years but the ones who asked weren’t the princely type as she viewed them.
She would often be humming the song; “Some day my prince will come” and she still had hope.


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