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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Joe's Diner - Chapter 10

The Girl of my Dreams !
Sometime ago at my work place, I had been moved up to run one of the businesses the conglomerate owned and I had put it in order to where we were showing a good profit.

The top man in the organization showed up in my office one day and said he wanted to talk with me.

I had to let go some people who he had personally hired and I figured he was going to get on me for that.

He asked me about Lacy and Jessie I assured him they were fine.

I said, “We will soon be married and I hoped he and his wife will come to the ceremony.”

He said he would like to come and he wanted to give us a present.

I said, “That wasn’t necessary,” but he said he felt it was so I didn’t say any more.

He asked me for the date and said, “As soon as you get back from your honeymoon come to see me.”

I told him, I would and marked it down on my calendar.

I was occupied with my work and preparing for the time off. My second in command needed to be filled in on what I needed him to do while I was gone.

He was a very good employee but he had expected to get the position I now held.  Actually he had more seniority but it didn’t work out that way. He went on doing his job and I trusted him because of his work ethic.

It seemed strange on the wedding day when I drove to the church in my car and Lacy and her entourage was picked up in a limousine and Jessie was also with her.  Lacy wanted Jessie to be her maid of honor and Jessie was ecstatic.

I was calm and collected having gone through this before but realized things were going to be different with this marriage.  In fact everything was going to change.

As a rule, I am calm and collected, but I was beginning to get nervous while waiting for my bride to come down the aisle. I was thinking everything was taken care of so why should I be nervous as I tried to settle myself down.

Lacy’s Aunt, our former nanny had come for the wedding and had agreed to stay with Jessie while we were gone.  She had come early so she could spend time with Jessie and get reacquainted.

Jessie was thrilled to see her and was calling her old mommy.  It was just like as if they were never separated.

She told Jessie you can call me Aunt Betty for that is just one of my names. Lacy said to me that Betty’s mother had died and she would like for her to come and live with us if it was alright with me and I said yes of course.

I cared for her because of the way she cared for Jessie. We were going to be gone on our honeymoon for two weeks and Betty would care for Jessie while we were gone.

By the time the wedding march was played I getting antsy and ready for the bride to march down the aisle. As I saw her in her gown of white my knees almost buckled. Jessie had made her way down and we all were waiting for the main event.

It seemed forever for her to get the altar but at last she was there and the ceremony began.

I repeated the words I had penned and said them most heartily and then she repeated her vows. I thought as we made our vows to one another “This is going to be a lot to live up to,” but I meant every word I said.

Even though it was scripted it was a promise I intended to keep for it was a matter of love for me.  As I kissed my wife for the first time I felt a oneness with this woman that I knew would last a lifetime.

It seemed the reception was going to last forever but finally we managed to be on our way for our honeymoon.  
A mountain lodge that was known for honeymoon retreats had been arranged by me.

There was plenty of private time where you could eat whenever you wanted to instead of having to fit into their schedule.
Much of what occurred during the two weeks is private except to say we took long walks and had horseback rides which made both of us sore in the groin areas.

I concluded during our stay at the Lodge, that she was going to be more than adequate for a wife and I hoped she felt the same about me.

I didn’t dare to ask her about her feelings about me now. This was one of those crazy thoughts that pop up in your head out of nowhere. I refused to allow thoughts of my time with my Ex, (Abby) invade the present for that was a fading past and I wasn’t going to let it diminish the present joy I now have.

The end of our stay in the mountains came too soon for me but it was time to return to the daily grind.

When we returned Jessie was so overcome she started crying and hugging us. She had a ton of questions some of which we declined to answer because of where they could lead to.

An example of which was; when she asked Lacy if she liked sex.  

It was then that Aunt Betty stepped in and said we better let them get settled in and then later you can let them tell you what you need to know.

 To be Continued

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