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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 29

New Baby
Having done things in the old style where the man is in the waiting room and the two mothers are with the new mother during birth; I was waiting for the news as to what it is.

They were taking their time for I knew the child had been born but they were doing all the necessary things like washing, cutting the cord, weighing and the grandmothers not wanting to give it up.

After what seemed an unreasonable amount of time they wheeled Lesley into her room and the nurse carried the baby and gave it to her mother.

It made me feel so unnecessary. Everyone was gathered around and Lesley said to me, “Well papa, you have another daughter and she is beautiful.”

I looked at her with her mother and said, “I have the three most beautiful women in the world in my life.”

The nurse came in and said we better let this little girl rest a bit before we attempt the first feeding. She said we will take her to the nursery for a while and then bring her back after the doctor has had a chance to fully check her over.

Ester insisted she carry her to the nursery because so far she hadn’t held her and it was eating her up.

I asked Ester how she felt about the new arrival and tears came into her eyes as she tried to say something.

From looking at her I could tell exactly how she felt.
I have named her Miss Mercy Ellen
As I thought about a name everything seemed redundant and Lesley felt the same way.
I suggested we ask Ester and Lottie what they thought we should call her. They said they needed to talk it over and they would let us know what her name would be.

A little later they came in and Lottie said we have named the baby and her name is, Mercy Ellen.  She went on and said you can call her what you like but I am going to call her Mer.

We were a little shocked but didn’t let on.  We would never have come up with a name like that.

The nurse came in and asked if we had decided on a name and Lottie spoke up and said her name is Miss Mercy Ellen.

The nurse looked at us and we nodded in agreement.  

I decided to call her Ellie for I liked the ring to that name.

The doctor was old school and insisted Lesley stay at the hospital for three days before heading home.

After we were all settled in at home again and Lesley was up and about it only remained for Mercy Ellen to get comfortable in her new home.

As I looked forward to the future - I paused in the present and counted my blessings.

First off is my lovely wife, my treasure.  My children are my delight.  
Dear Ester, not a servant but a genuine member of our family.
The grandparents, that which is needed and add so much to the family circle.

Our friends and business associates, all are a part of our lives and our heritage.

All this is a solid basis for facing the future and the unknowns that are bound to come


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