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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 28

Levi has started to say a few words and like most his favorite word is mama.

He calls both Lesley and Ester mama because Ester spends so much time with him and caring for him.

He is growing fast and my guess is he will catch up with his sister by the time he is four.

My guess is also she will boss him around until he is grown.

Lesley has already said; “No more children,” which was alright with me for I like spending time with my wife, and the children exercise their kid’s right to mom’s time.

Ester makes sure that they are occupied at strategic times and she is worth every penny we pay her.

For some reason after the last episode which concerned Jim, Lesley and I went through a passionate stage.

We always have loving feelings for one another but this was different. It was a morning and night thing with us, both of us.  It was a most enjoyable time and ebbed just a little over time.

Three months after this event started Lesley had a serious look on her face and said, “We need to talk.”

She asked, “Have you been enjoying these last few months?”

I said, ‘Yes as a matter of fact, very much so.”

She said, ‘Well good, because I’m with child again.”

“How can that be you took precaution didn’t you?”

“Yes but something went wrong or right depending on the way you view it.”

“How long have you known about this?”

“Yesterday for sure, but I have suspected it for a month now.”  She continued, “I don’t want another baby.  Getting back to normal is not easy.  I have some stretch marks now and it was more difficult after Levi to return to my old self, and I don’t want to go through this again.”

I said, “You aren’t thinking about what I think you are thinking are you?”

She looked at me incredulously and said, ‘Don’t be silly, that’s out of the question.  It’s just that I had thought we had our family and this is a shock.”

I had a man’s moment and said something stupid, “Well we could give it away.”

I didn’t know Lesley could throw things so good.  She hit me with a jar of face crème and smacked the door with several other items as I closed it.

I thought, “She is really upset.”

I called Ester and said, “Go up and talk to Lesley she seems upset, but knock on the door before you go in.”

It was a couple hours later when the cook called us to lunch.

I got Lottie and Levi to the table and Lesley and Ester came down smiling although both their eyes were red and watery.  I guess they had a woman’s time of adjusting to the moment and now they were ready to deal with the facts.

The two of them were talking excitingly about the coming happy event and all the preparation they had to make.

Lottie began to get the gist of what was going on and wanted to be a part of what they were talking about.

I took Levi and we went down to the ice cream parlor and had a cone.

It seemed we were not needed at this point and the hasty retreat was a prudent move.

The whole atmosphere had changed by bedtime, and romance was in the air once again.

She said, “You dog you; we still have some time before “break time” so let’s make the most of it.”

That night we enjoyed each other and a day that began with a fair amount of distress ended with love for our child of three months.

As the days went by I couldn’t believe the difference in Lesley.  The first time the baby kicked she broke down crying.  

Maybe all this is because she was so upset when she found out she was pregnant.  But now she is more excited than she was with either of our other children.

She constantly wants me or one of the family members to feel the movement of the child in her tummy.

Lottie has let us known she would prefer a sister more that another brother. Lottie is in school most of the day and when she gets home she wants a full report of the day’s events.

The time is passing and Lesley has got her pregnant woman’s walk down pat which is something like a duck’s waddle.

We are all anxiously waiting for the child to be born.

Levi has gotten the idea there will soon be another member of the family although he doesn’t understand it fully.

He has just begun to notice his mom’s large tummy and has been allowed to feel the baby kick.

Lottie and Ester are anxious to begin to mother the new arrival.

Lesley is wanting relief from her load she is carrying and I am looking forward to some of the same things but mostly to get back to having sex with my wife.

The moment has arrived and we are all waiting as they wheel Lesley from the labor room to the delivery room.

With the grandmothers in with her Lesley soon delivered and the rest of us are anxious to find out what it is.
To Be Continued

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