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Monday, October 13, 2014


This is a short fictional story to be shared at Hazel's "Tell Me a Story Site." 
It is all here and not continued. 
My continued story will resume soon.
Getting the Mail Out !!
“Jonesy make sure you get all the correspondence out in tonight’s mail. We have several deals that are depending on a quick response to their inquires about our products.”
“But boss tonight is my night out and I don’t want to be late.”
“Well I suppose you better get busy then. If Logan is finished with his work perhaps he will give you a hand.”
“Hey Logan, how about helping me with this mailing.”
“Sorry Jonesy tonight is my night out and I need to get going.”
“Well some friend you are, I have helped you when you needed help.”
“Sorry Jonesy gotta go.”
“Boy it’s going to take me an hour to get this stuff in the mail. I shouldn’t have taken such a long lunch hour.
I don’t see why this couldn’t wait until Monday or I could come in tomorrow even though it is Saturday. It just takes longer when I’m stressed out like this. I better call Mary and tell her I’m going straight to Charlie’s and won’t be home for dinner.
Why doesn’t she answer the phone? Maybe I misdialed, I’ll try it again. Still no answer. She is probably over to the neighbors. I’ll call her later for I have to get this mailing out.”
An hour later the mail was in the mail chute and on its way.
“Boy I must have set a record getting that much mail out. It’s too late to go home so I’ll head over to Charlie’s. I hope May has something left to eat. The guys scarf up her food as fast as she can put it out.
As usual there are no parking places so I will have to walk a block. At last I’m here. C’mon May open the door for I’m starving.”
“Hey Jonesy, come on in,”May said.  “All the guys are here and have finished eating.”
“Say May I hope you have something left for I haven’t eaten since lunch.”
“Yeah I saved you a plate so dig in.”
May isn’t near as pretty as Mary but she is the best cook of all of our friends. I’m always glad when we sit at her table for one of her fantastic meals.
She has the shapeliest body of all the girls in our gang and Charlie has hinted that she knows how to… well to keep her husband happy.
She has flirted with me a couple of times but I would never… er do anything. That is if the opportunity ever arose. I don’t know why I let my mind go off like this for she hasn’t ever gave me a reason to think these things. She has just teased me like she does to all of the guys.
The cards are sure not running my way tonight. Each time I bet someone has a better hand and when I have a good hand I know will win everyone folds and all I get is the ante.
Its eleven thirty guys I have to go home. Besides you have won all my money.
As I left May showed me to the door and when I said good night she moved closer and said I could come over anytime.
While walking to my car I wondered what she meant by that.
Maybe Mary and I are getting too close with May and Charlie or perhaps it was nothing.
I was getting sleepy by the time I pulled up into the driveway so I left the car outside.  Because of the lateness of the hour I figured I better get straight into bed.
I climbed the stairs as quietly, that is as the squeaky ones would allow and went into the bath without turning the light on.
I had been in there so many times I could navigate it with my eyes closed. I didn’t bother to put my P J s on and slipped into bed.
All the time I was thinking how mad she was going to be when she found out how much money those guys took me for.
I wouldn’t be able to go out to lunch for a month. I hated having to brown bag it with either a cheese or peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Oh well I guess I had fun.
I knew Mary would say something about me losing so I guess I might as well ‘fess up' about it in the morning.
I dozed off for an hour and had to get up because I drank too much beer while playing cards. I relieved myself and came back to bed.
Most of the time when I come back to bed Mary will wake up for she is a light sleeper. She goes to bed each night as soon as she gets our baby Jenny to sleep for she knows she will probably have to get up with her during the night.
Much of the time she will reach over and touch me in a way to make me wish I came to bed sooner but I like to stay up and watch the late news to see what going on. As I lay down I reached over and couldn’t find her. This startled me for she was always there. Why couldn’t I feel her?
I jumped up and turned the light on and no Mary.
I ran into Jenny’s room and no Jenny. What was going on?
We had a few words this morning but no big deal.  I looked in the closet and the suitcase was gone. I checked her clothes and couldn’t tell if things were gone or not. I was beside myself.
Maybe she went to her mother’s place but I didn’t dare call her for she wasn’t my best fan.
She always said Mary married below herself and should have done better. This is what she always said to me when we talked.
She would start out nice but soon was into her memorized tirade.
Maybe I could call her sister?  Yes I’ll call her even though it is the middle of the night.
Ring, ring, ring, no one answers. Perhaps they both have gone somewhere. I’ll just have to wait till the morning and then sort it out.
I was restless and couldn’t get into a deep sleep.
Then the dog started to bark. He never barks. Once he gets in his box he’s there for the rest of the night, some watch dog.
Then I heard a noise down stairs. It sounded like a glass breaking. Someone was in the house, perhaps with a gun. I jumped up and locked our bedroom door and pushed the bed against it. I went to the closet and got my old bat and sat waiting for the inevitable.
Just before dawn I dozed off and was waken about nine. Someone was pounding on the bedroom door wanting in. Then I heard a voice shouting at me some not so kind things.
It was Mary. I jumped up and shoved the bed back to the wall and unlocked the door.
There she and Jenny stood with a mad and quizzical look on her face. What in the world is going on was the first words out of her mouth followed by words I don’t wish to remember.
She ended with, “I didn’t know I married a nut case.”
I was never so glad to see someone. I tried to hold her but she kept shoving my arms away. She was sure I had gone crazy and didn’t want me to touch her.
Jenny started to cry and was afraid of me also. I put my clothes on while she gave me her mother’s treatment.
I didn’t know she could do it so good, almost as well as her mom.
She lasted until noon and the finally shut up.
Finally, I could then get a word in so I said let’s go to the chucky cheese for lunch and Jenny jumped up and down. I took some money out of our piggy bank in the kitchen cabinet and then I saw the broken glass the wind had blown off the counter and the note on the table.
The note said, “Jenny and I are spending the night at my sisters and going to a baby shower for Julia. See you in the morning.”
I felt foolish for spending the night the way I did. If only I had turned on the light, I would have seen the note. 
Oh well, we had a fun afternoon and by evening things were almost normal.
Tomorrow will be the same as always for we have our own way of making up after we fight.
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  1. I always enjoy your entries - - Thank you for sharing your interesting post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."


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