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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - - Chapter 24

Swinging Grandparents ??
After Lesley’s mother left I thought she sure said a mouthful.  I can see where Lesley gets her ability to control a conversation. It must be fun when the two of them get going at each other.

While I was trying to figure the best way to approach Lesley on this subject she came in and asked, “Is my mother here?”

I said, “She was but she left.”

“Lottie came and told me she was here and that she sat on her lap and got kissed and hugged.”

“Yes that is true.”

“Well why didn’t you call me and let me see her? You know I haven’t seen her for several months.”

“She wanted to talk to me and that’s what happened. Before you go getting upset let me tell you why she was here.”

“Is something wrong with my father or your mother?”

“No nothing like that.”  Then I related everything to her as best as I could remember; and finished by saying, “She wanted us to talk it over and the two of us decide if we wanted to become a family again.”

Without hesitation Lesley said, “Yes.”

I said, ‘Yes what?”

“Yes I want this whole mess behind us and I want my mother.”

I thought, “That was fast.”  “Okay then your mother is probably home now so go call her and then call your father if you want to.”

As I thought about what transpired in the last few minutes I concluded it was for the best. The best I could do was to accept it and move on for the only way for me to be a participant was to go forward.

Lottie came in and asked, “Is grandma coming back again?”

I said, “It looks like it and the two grandpas and the other grandma also.”

She jumped up and down shouting, “Grandma’s coming, grandma’s coming.”

I thought that its stuff like this and stuff to come that will show it is the best thing to have done.

I went in as Lesley was hanging up the phone and she had tears in her eyes. She said, “I need my mother and this is the right thing to do.”

I knew she was in a state and I didn’t want to make it worse so I said, “She will be there when the baby is born and my mom will be there also to support you.  Perhaps you should lie down for a while and rest.”

She said, “Probably so for this has been too much excitement for me.”

I told Ester to corral Lottie and to let Lesley tale a nap.

Lesley’s quick assessment of the situation and wanting to have the family together again didn’t leave anytime for thinking it through.  

I wanted to go over the whole issue and make a list of pros and cons and then decide the matter but maybe Lesley’s way was better. It’s over and done with.

The two things that stood out to me was the fact that they switched partners and it was something that involved me and Lesley.  Their decision to go with us to France so they could be with Lottie was just a farce.

Sure they enjoyed being with her but in the back of their mind was getting up the nerve to finally make the break.

All the time while living under my roof they were planning on how to bring this about. Then the last night in France they switched partners for the night. If it had just happened out of the blue it would have been one thing but they planned and worked toward it all year.

Okay, so I agreed to let it slid but it will not be forgotten which will make it difficult to enjoy our get togetherers. Perhaps I should take some acting lessons and just play a role for my kids’ sake.

Maybe part of what I’m feeling is because any moment Lesley is going to say, “It’s time,” and the mad rush to the hospital to await the arrival of our new child.

In any case it is settled and it is what it is and everyone will have to live with it.

As I now think about it we all have something to have to try to put aside and the grandparents aren’t getting off Scott free.


To Be Continued

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