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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, October 5, 2014


The following is a Fictional Short Story all here and not continued.  Please return tomorrow for my continued story that will resume.


Perhaps this isn’t a normal day in espionage but as it has been said, “It was my life.” 

I worked for the C.I.A. for four years in one of the offices with the goal of becoming an agent. My credentials didn’t quite measure up to the minimum standard but I was working on it and finally I was accepted as a trainee.

Upon completion of the courses both academically and physically I was placed with a senior officer who was no longer doing field work but was given the task to polish and finish the ‘newbies’ so they wouldn’t blow their assignments.

He taught me so much more than I could have ever learned from books.

We actually did some work in the field to the point where I was ready for some real easier assignments.

My first venture into the world of spying was in Argentina. I was supposed to be an aide for a General at another country that everyone was wanting data from. My goal was to connect with someone at my level or higher in other countries of interest.

Our host country threw a ball for all the Embassies in the country. It was a big doings with a lot of opportunity for hooking up. I was one of the early ones and before long I was introduced to several of the female sex.

I had to decide which one I thought might be worth pursuing for information.  I introduced myself to several of the women and observed how they were holding their whisky.

After making the rounds and dancing with a number of the ladies I focused on one particular lady who seemed to be a little tipsy. She was in a position similar to mine in a country we wanted to know more about.

The call went out for dinner and I made sure I was seated next to her for there was no assigned seating.  I found her to be very outgoing and she also smelled nice.  Her taste in perfume and makeup was alluring in fact everything about her was fascinating.

I told her some made up stuff about my work with the General and she began to loosen up and was telling me material I thought was going to be well received by my superior.

After dinner we found a quiet place and continued what was now becoming an intimate conversation.  She was telling me things she shouldn’t have told me about her work in her office and her superiors.  The more intimate we became the more important information she divulged.

The party was breaking up so I suggested we adjourn to my room and she said that she was about to ask me up to her room.

I agreed that we should go to her room for it was in walking distance. She took my arm after we got our wraps we went out into the chilly air.  She hung on to me tightly for we were both a little unsteady from our drinks.

Fortunately the night air had the effect of clearing our minds a little. By the time we arrive at her hotel we were holding each other tightly as we could and still walk.

In the elevator I grabbed her and kissed her for the first time.

With some effort we got the door open to her room and then the kissing became more intense.

We got some drinks from the in room bar and between drinks we shared information about some secret things concerning our work.

Some of it was in the nature of complaining about how we were being treated but much information can be gleaned that way.

After some more love making our clothes were off and we were having unbridled sex.

After each session I garnered more secrets.

This went on through the night. The next morning I was exhausted and a bit unsteady still.

I didn’t have enough energy to shower so I headed straight to the office to make my report while everything was still clear in my mind or as best I could remember.

I paid the taxi and rushed into my office and began to put on paper what I had found out or I should say; made out my report.

My senior officer was already in his office and talking to several other agents. They were laughing heartily about something and this went on for some time for they were viewing a video that was out of my sight.

Finally he left his office laughing very loudly as they went.  Whatever it was it must have been good. I gave my report to his secretary and waited for him to call me to his office for further information.

An hour later he called me into his office and asked how the night went while chuckling to himself.

I explained the whole night leaving out nothing she had disclosed to me except about the time we spent in bed.

He asked me if I enjoyed the evening and broke out laughing again.

I thought he must have seen something funny on the video for it still made him laugh when he thought of it.  I was trying to be serious and he wasn’t making it easy.

He said, “I might as well tell you … you will never live this down. I’m not sure you are cut out to be a spy. The higher ups will decide that but you see - -“ and he broke out laughing again.

After he composed himself he said the woman you got your information from was a newbie like yourself who was supposed to do the same thing you were assigned.

She works for us like you do.  We had a camera in her room to document the information she gleaned from the person from a country we are interested in.

We also had a camera in your room just in case.  I don’t know if you can see the humor in this but all of the other agents thought it was hilarious.

This video will be used as a teaching device for all new recruits in the future.

She is getting the same news as you are from her senior agent right now and I reckon she feels about the same as you do.

I may be able to get your old job back for you if you want it but this one is over.

Just remember this is what it is like in: “A day in the life of a spy”. 

Oh yes, you are going to have to pay for your room and the taxi for we aren’t allowed to pay for a night’s pleasure such as you had.


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