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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, August 11, 2014

DIRTY BIRD Chapter two

Robert Bird Studying Hard
Robert’s favorite subjects were Math, English, and History. He especially liked History and when he was twelve it was U.S. government he took to.

He still was getting the top grades in the classes but wouldn’t skip a grade for he wanted to stay with Justin.

Being around Robert forced Justin to improve his grades and that pleased his ma to no end for she knew it was a result of associating with Robert.

One day a boy got mad at Robert and called him Dirty bird which angered Justin more than Robert.

He caught the boy after school and got on top of him saying “Dirty Bird” every time he hit him. Robert finally pulled him off the boy and said, “Have you had enough of the “Dirty Bird yet”?

The boy through tears said “Yes enough.”  That was the last time anyone called Robert Dirty Bird and the two boys grew closer yet.

The pressure on Robert to skip a grade kept growing until he finally gave in and went from the ninth to the eleventh.

Justin was majoring in becoming the schools “In resident Romeo.”

As Robert tutored him in his subjects, Justin was teaching Robert how to break down the girl’s resistance to their advances.
Justin Thought He was Romeo
Even though he went along with Justin, Robert was still interested in graduating and getting in college and saw that too much involvement with the opposite sex was a handicap.

This was evident by looking at Justin’s grades. Even with Robert’s help he was barely passing his classes.

Robert and Justin were seventeen and Robert was in his last year. He was in the position to graduate early and was working toward doing that. He had been accepted at a local college and after two years he could transfer to a major university.

Justin was at the point of getting himself into trouble and some girl along with him.

Robert had been going with a girl for a while and she was more serious than he was for he was looking four years down the road.

Shortly before Robert was finished with the twelfth grade they were at a dance and he missed his date. After looking over the dance floor he couldn’t see Justin either.

He went to the parking lot and looked into the car his Pa let them use and saw the two of them going at it. He banged on the car and went back to the dance.

A few minutes later they showed up and came over to Robert. Justin started in with his usual line of nonsense till Robert stopped him and said you are on your own from now on.

Justin tried to say, “I was just showing you she was no good and it was better for you to find it now rather than later.”

Robert said, “I suppose you will also show me that my wife is no good after I’m married, won’t you?”

“You don’t understand I was doing you a favor and if you can’t see that then too bad.”

Robert said, “What you don’t understand is I wasn’t that interested in her and didn’t need you to protect me from her and besides we both know what you are all about don’t we.  

In any case I will be gone in a couple of months and you won’t be able to use me as an excuse for your finagling.”
To be continued

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