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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dirty Bird - Chapter Six

It took all the nerve I had but I finally went over to the two women and introduced myself to them and asked if they would come up to my room and I had a proposition for one of them.
They looked at each other and broke out laughing.
This really unnerved me.
They whispered to one another and that made it worse. I said, "Let’s just forget it. It is all a mistake."

I was wishing a thousand times over I had kept my mouth closed when one of them said, “As long as it isn’t for sex, okay.”
I assured them it wasn’t that, while at the same time wonder why if it was their business they would say such a thing.
It didn’t make any difference they were coming up to my room and now it was up to me to convince one of them to pretend to be my “soon to be wife.”
They were giggling all the way to the room and it was making me uncomfortable.
I thought to myself, “What if they were pretending and both of them … wanted a threesome. What have I got myself into and how much money were they going to expect. I sure wasn’t going to put it on my hotel bill.”
They came in and sat down after looking out the window. One of them spoke up and said okay let’s hear your pitch. I didn’t know whether it was best to concoct some story or just tell them the truth.  The main thing was I only needed one of them.  
It seemed best to tell them the truth for they were obviously very sophisticated and would spot a liar right off.
After I finished with the details they started with that insufferable giggling again.
Then one of them said okay, “I’ll do it but my friend will have to go along for we don’t know you.”
At this point I said that will be alright but she will have to stay in the background. I told them I would pay whatever their fee was and get them air tickets and rooms for them. They said they would take care of it themselves so not to bother.
When I got to the airport they were already checking in and I followed them into the first class section and was seated. The stewardesses seem to know them and that embarrassed me.
I guessed they must fly this route often to be known by the plane’s crew. I speculated, in their business they probably travel a lot being on call.
One of the girls sat next to me and said; “Robert you are going to be gentle and nice with me aren’t you?”
I said, “None of that; just get that stuff out of your mind right now.”
There was that stupid giggling again and all the way to Vegas I had to be teased and giggled at.  I was ever glad the flight was over.
When I asked where they were staying, they said we have a suite at the most expensive hotel in Vegas.  As it turned out it was the same place where I was booked into.
We checked in and they said, “We will see you at dinner.”
I tried to tell them I was having dinner with my future employers but they just talked over me and said, “See you soon.”
The next couple of hours I sat and stewed for I knew they were going to foul everything up. If my future employers find out I hired a couple of hookers on their tab I was finished.  My only hope was they wouldn’t show up.
Well I had to face my perspective employers so I went down stairs and the Maitre D' led me to the private party room and behold there were the two girls and they were talking up a storm.
Those two women had crashed the dinner party and were being very entertaining.  I tried to ignore looking at the two party crashers but I couldn’t. Their off the shoulder gowns must have cost someone a wad of cash.
Mr. Samson the director of the company said, “Well Robert it is time we met.”
He then went around the table and introduced me to the board members and their wives. I had a hard time putting all the names into my memory banks for those two women were staring me down.
Then he came to the party crashers and he asked, “Have you met these lovely ladies?”
My first instinct was to try to lie and say I have never seen them before but I said, “Yes, I think we may have met before.”
Then one of the girls spoke and said c’mon daddy let’s not tease him any longer.
I thought, “Daddy, sugar daddy was more like it, and who is the other girl here to service?”
My mind was out of control and I couldn’t chance speaking for I might say the wrong thing.
I excused myself and quickly went to the men’s restroom with that infuriating giggling trailing off behind me.
Taking some deep breaths, I settled down and thought things through for a couple of minutes.  Then I began to wonder if she called him daddy could it be he was her father?  It was just the way the whole scenario came about that was puzzling to me.

When I got back Mr. Samson said, “I thought you might have skipped out on us. My girls have explained what happened and how they had been having fun at your expense.”
I had to laugh at myself for it was the craziest thing I had ever attempted.
After everyone had enjoyed the moment I said, “I thought they were the most beautiful hookers I had ever seen and the way they were dressed convinced me they were very successful at their trade.”
To be Continued


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