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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Outside Austin - Epilogue

This Review concludes our Story "Outside Austin." 
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Our Story told to our kids sounded like a Fairy Tale
A few extra words about Outside Austin;

Rosin’s friends come to camp!

The men that came to camp to do some storytelling and drinking had a change come over them when they saw Blue Eyes. When they demanded Rosin turn her over to them, he refused knowing they would abuse her sexually and then kill her and dump her body in a ditch.

Neither he nor the young man was going to let that happen. When the men pushed the situation and wouldn’t take no for an answer their fate was sealed. Rison said afterward; “I didn’t like that bunch very much anyhow”.

No more baths with you young man!

Blue Eyes stopped bathing with the young man for a simple reason. It wasn’t because she necessarily wanted to, but she noticed a change in the way he was looking at her development. She could see that he was looking at her like a man does when he wants her and she wasn’t ready to accommodate him. She was afraid her rejection would split them up and her solution seemed best.

Just doing what came naturally!

With the absence of spiritual training the pair was left to do what seemed right at the moment. The lonely winter nights eventually led to the two of them becoming intimate and after a while she broke it off for fear of becoming a mother.

She knew how difficult the squaws had it and wasn’t ready for that. Of course the young man didn’t understand the why’s of the matter but went alone with her wishes.

Time to get out of Dodge!

Once they settled in town Selma found a new freedom and learn the ways of the white people. She was confused as to why so many men were attracted to her. In the camp where she was raised, a brave took his squaw after paying for her and that was the end of it.

Even with her freedom our young man never released her for he felt he had a vested interest. He had killed for her and would again if necessary.

Their escape from the jail at the fort was the final step that bonded them together. Their move to the west was brought on by necessity much like so many people today.

Home sweet home!

Running their ranch in California wasn’t easy but they had their family and were making it pay.

She said the smartest thing she ever did was to tag along with him when he escaped from the Indians.

He says the smartest thing he ever did was to bring her along with him when he left.

Their kids always enjoy being told their story although it seems more like a fairy tale than real life.         
 ~~~ Finis ~~~

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