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Monday, November 4, 2013


This could be a true story, and is shared with Hazel's Tell Me a Story.  My continued story will follow shortly.

Rose in Bloom
THE BLOOM - A short story

There are times when one is uncomfortable with the actuality or what is known as the truth of the matter.

May was a good wife by her own standards, and her friends would agree to her face, but being the experts in the field of criticism they could see a few spots on her garment.

In any case the surprise of all surprises occurred one morning when she woke up alone.
Her husband had “Flown the coop” so to speak.  She couldn’t understand why he left and neither could her friends to her face but being the experts concerning relationships they could seem “The Bloom was off the rose.”

When she became more apprised of the situation she discovered that not only did the husband fly the coop, but the bank account, the car, her jewelry and everything of value also flew the coop with him.  Seems the only thing that hung around was their debts.

When she and her friends usually went out most often she would pay the tab but now being without funds she was left out of such activities which she couldn’t understand for after all they were her friends.

When she inquired why they were avoiding her, her supposed closest used to be friend told her she no longer could pay her way and wasn’t welcome any longer and should get a job.

Her ex-friend went further saying that she could use some cleaning help one day a week if she was interested.  
For the next three days May was hurt and bitter but as the bills grew she finally decided to return to the work force.  At her age and with limited skills it wasn’t going to be easy.

The one thing she had going for her was her social skills and the employment agency said she might find her a job in that field.  

With the house being foreclosed on she had to find a small apartment just big enough for her.  When she checked in at the employment agency they said nothing had opened up, but don’t give up yet and the woman gave her the phone number of a support group for people in her situation.

Since she no longer had friends, May thought maybe she should call the number and see what it was all about.  The woman she was talking to told her to come to the meeting tonight.

May decided to go and listen to a bunch of women complain and moan about their situation at least their hard luck stories should be entertaining.

She was disappointed by the way the women acted for none of them were down and out so to speak.  They all were up beat and were excited about their life.  After sharing the exciting things they experienced since the last meeting they welcomed the new attendees and wanted to know how they could help them.

There were three or four that were new and when they started to tell their tale of woe they were stopped and told to forget about it.  You could see that they were disappointed for they wanted to get the usual sympathy that people would lay on them and perhaps share some of the same feelings.

Morgan the chair person who was in control said, “You will get no sympathy here for this is a place where you learn to stand on your own and not allow the past to keep you in bondage for the rest of your life.  

You may not connect with some of the things that will set you free at first but if you will hang in there you will discover things about yourself that you never knew before. If you can get by the first step then you will be on your way.  

The first step is - - to say that him leaving was the best thing that ever happened to you.
Don’t try to elaborate on that.  Don’t try to argue the pros and cons of the statement for it can stand alone without any embellishment.  

Say it over and over; “Him leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me,” until it becomes the motivating force in you life.  This will set you free from the past and will be as if he never did and doesn’t exist.

It’s not a case of who needs him - - it goes beyond that until you can feel and grasp the new you.  When you only see your potential as the person you really are and are going to be.  
She emphasized that the members only attended once a month for the fellowship with other members but the newbie’s could come twice a week, until they had escaped the chains of the past.  

On each Saturday they could receive help with jobs and further education.  Also there was available assistance in getting a reestablished social life.  This included learning new social skills and being introduced to new people who could be of help to them.  

After this first meeting May already felt like a new woman.  

Part of her being remade had to do with her presentation.  She needed a new make over and clothes to go with her new personality.  

Three months later she had a good job and was sought after by other women who wanted to be friends with her.

May was free from any suggestion of the past with its “The rose has lost its bloom.”  

She had pruned away the past, and she had blossomed again.
* * * * * *
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