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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Indian Bride
Everyone was up early the next morning and was excited about the wedding. It wasn’t so much that Jean was marrying Elise but that there was going to be a wedding feast.

There was a mule train expected today but Jean sent word for it to stop a day out and delay arriving for at least a day.  He knew the crowd that was gathering for the wedding feast would eat everything on the premises and that would include what the mule train was carrying.

Lucas the old trapper returned from scouting the back country letting everyone he came into contact with know about the trading post.  He was surprised at how many still had not heard about it.  Several that would normally go into Canada to do their trading would now come to Jean’s to do their business.

Elaina was very helpful getting Elise ready.  She had decided to dress in the traditional Indian style garments for the ceremony.  Her grandfather was going to participate in the wedding giving a Cree blessing upon the union.

As the crowd grew it was obvious it was going to take a lot of food to satisfy them.  
Thankfully some of the trappers had brought deer, rabbits, mountain sheep, and other animals for the feast.  They were all busy preparing their contribution to the festive event and the aroma of roasting meat wafted over the post which was stimulating the appetites even more.

The time had come for the ceremony to begin.  There were so many people it was difficult for Jean and Elise to get to the center of the post where a raised platform had been hastily built so everyone could see.  
Father Luis signaled for everyone to quiet down and after a while they did.

Some of the more resourceful ones had brought their jugs and had started on them early and by now were feeling the result of their imbibing.  However due to the fact they respected Jean and Elise they were not as wild as they might have been.

The ceremony was much as one would expect when performed by a priest of the church and was what they wanted having being raised as Catholics.  

Elise had been placed in the Catholic school system and Jean was taught by his folks and the church when one was available.

Then the grandfather stood by the couple and raised his hands and said, “May the Great Spirit, the creator of us all, ever be their guide, protector, and counselor as long as they both shall live.”

With that the service was over and after a shout from the crowd the celebration began.
Jean looked stately with his suit and beard.  Some said there was never an Indian princess that was as beautiful as “Little Dove.”

The celebration lasted through the night and most stayed and slept on the ground with their robes pulled tight around them.  When they got cold someone would get up and feed the fires to help warm them up.

When morning came, they started to fade away after picking through the left over food on the tables.  Lucas looked at the post and everything that was eatable was completely gone.  He was expecting the mule train to arrive later that evening and that should restock their shelves somewhat.
Even though Jean and Elise had broke away from the crowd and retired early they still had not gotten up the next morning.  Elaina awoke early and started some breakfast out of some things that had been hidden away and the doctor joined her and Lucas.

Doctor Adams said he would be busy all day unpacking his stuff and getting organized.  Elaine asked if she could help him and he said he would appreciate the help.

A few of the trappers remained for a while and began to drag the carcasses out of the post into a ditch out back.  After cleaning most of the debris out of the place they left for their trapping ground.

Around noon Jean and Elise put in an appearance and looked like they still needed some rest.  
There wasn’t much to do except finish cleaning the yard in the post but after having a bit of food Jean said it could wait until tomorrow.  In a few hours the mule train was going to be there but as for now Jean and Elise were going back to bed.

With Elaina helping the doctor and Jean and Elise gone back to bed it left grandfather feeding the animals, and Lucas by himself with his thoughts.

To be Continued     

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