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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, November 22, 2013


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Our Family had Grown
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 New Orleans came into sight and after they docked, the lower deck passengers moved on to shore first, because the upper deck didn’t want to mingle with the common folk.

Jean asked one of the stewards to help him get his stuff he traded for during the trip onto the shore.  Most of the goods he traded were gold and jewelry and he sold them all on the docks in less than half an hour.

Jean thought a good trader could make a living just trading if they had the knack of making good deals.  

Elisa waited until Jean had finished his trading business before embarking off the ferry.

Jean wanted to get Elisa settled in the home his family had purchased for them so he hired a teamster and wagon to haul their belongings to their new home and a coach to ride in for themselves.

It wasn’t long before the family knew of their arrival and began to congregate to greet them at their new home.  

His mother and father came, and Jean and Elisa paid their respects to them.  It was obvious that even though longevity was a family trait the older members didn’t have much longer to live.  

The family had grown since we first landed in New Orleans.  Even though my father had several wives without the benefit of clergy and I had more cousins than I could count my mother was still the number one wife and everyone knew and respected her as such.

When the cousins began to have children the Famille grew into more than two hundred souls.

My folks had a huge house with many rooms that were usually filled with children, grand children and great grand children and it got so you couldn’t remember which part of the family they belonged to only that they were one of us.

Underlying the whole thing was the idea promulgated by my father that we were “La Famille” and that was almost sacred in father’s eyes.

Elise turned out to be very fruitful and we have kids running everywhere around here that are one eighth Indian.  At first we added on to our house but in the end we had to build a larger place.

My father would talk to me from time to time and the conversation would always come around to the subject of me only having one wife.  He would say, ‘You can afford several wives and you only have one, I don’t understand it.”

I would always tell him, ‘My little Indian girl was more than I needed.”

I made sure Elise never heard our conversations otherwise she would have put up a big disagreement with Dad.

There were several women that were very nice and willing, but I knew Elise would see right through my being unfaithful and she would never forgive me.

Since what is called the Louisiana Purchase occurred; many changes have been made but still there are some rumblings on this slavery issue.

That brings us up to date but I’m looking forward to the next chapter in the life of “LA FAMILLE.”

The End  “so far.”

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