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Friday, November 15, 2013

LA FAMILLE Chapter 18 Planning Another Wedding

A Double Wedding
Phillip preceded Levine back inside the dining area at the post and blurted out; well I asked and she said, yes.

This took everybody by surprise because they knew he was always acting like the Romeo of the Wilds but when it was put up time he faded away.

The men took another look at Levine for fear they had overlooked something.  Then the feeling of missing something began to come over them.  

When the women were out of earshot there was this mumbling from some of them; I was interested in that gal and here he comes and beats my time.  I wanted her but was too bashful to tell her how I felt and the one I liked best was; now I guess I will never find one as good as her and so on.

Phillip missed out on all that ruefulness and was expressing his joy to Elise and thanking her for bringing Levine to the post for him to meet her.  

Elise sat and listened to him without much need to comment on his good fortune.  Jean had got the other men back to the chore at hand which was to care for the teams and bed down for the night.

Jean, talking to Elise for a while said let’s not make such a big to-do of the weddings. It costs a lot of money to have everyone in the north come here and expect a big party for a couple of days.

She said okay it will just be for the people near by and besides most of the trappers are deep in the woods now.  She said there will be several Indians that will come for they never miss out on anything.

He said yea, I suppose that is true but at least it helps us keep on good terms with them. He snuggled closer to her and she said go to sleep this isn’t your wedding night.  He said I know but these weddings get me stirred up. She said I suppose as she turned back over.

The next morning the wedding talk was in full swing. Jean ate breakfast in a hurry and got out of there as quick as he could.  This wedding planning stuff bored him and he didn’t want to be drawn into discussions about what he thought.  

He knew it didn’t really make any difference what he thought for they were going to do it their way anyhow.

If they could get him involved they would make it seem like a lot of what was going to happen was his idea and it wouldn’t be safe for him to say anything.

The one thing he felt good about was they were going to have both of the weddings at the same time.  It would be a lot less trouble doing it that way.

He said it looks like I’m going to be involved in getting the whole family married.
First it was his sister Elaina and now brothers, Jean2 and Phillip.

Jean said to Elise you stay away from that convent for every time you go there we end up having to pay for a wedding.  Grandfather was listening and spoke up and said; you didn’t do too bad getting one of the convent gals, did you?

He said no, I did good, but I don’t want to empty that place out.  He realized he would lose the argument if it went on, so he started to stocking the shelves.

The wedding was going to be in four weeks the one respite being Phillip and Jean2 had to make a run to St. Louis to get supplies for the post.

They had been given a long list for stuff for the weddings.  Material for dresses and all the stuff for the makings like thread and buttons.  There were some personal items that Elise knew they wouldn’t get so she said just give this list to the store sales girl and she will know what we want.  
They quickly gathered up everything and got on the road again for they were anxious to get back to see the girls.

Monet gave them a letter to give to Jean when they got back. He took the letter and read and studied it over.  The camp was so involved in the coming proceedings they never bothered to ask Jean what it was about.

The next morning he told Elise you don’t need me here, I’m just in the way. He went on and said I have to go down river but will be back before the weddings.    
To be Continued

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