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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, November 4, 2013


Mule Train
courtesy free clip art
It was almost dark when the mule train arrived but it was important to put all the goods away so they could feed and care for the stock.

They had a few more mules on this trip because of more demand for goods. One of the younger half brothers named Jean 2 came up on this trip for he wanted to get away from home for a while.

Jean had not seen him for some years and the father had forgotten he already had a son named Jean so he named this boy Jean also.  It was several months before he realized what he had done.  When he remembered about Jean he called the second Jean, Jean 2.

One reason for the mistake was they always called Jean, Mon Cher and Jean2 had a different mother.  It was only as he got away from home he used the name Jean.  When he saw Elaina and gave her a big hug.  She liked him even though there was a little friction in the family about the father’s mistresses and the children they had.

Jean’s mother always told her children not to have anything to do with the bastards in the family, but as time went by they saw each other as the same.

When their father arrived in New Orleans he set up separate businesses for the women so they didn’t have to run into loggerheads with one another.

When Jean 2 saw Elise he couldn’t keep from looking at her for she was still dressed in her Indian outfit.  

He asked his sister, Elaina if all the Indian girls were that pretty and if so he wanted one for himself.  She laughed at him and said, “She’s not so pretty just wait until you see the real pretty ones.”

It was late when they got the animals taken care of and after having some food everyone headed to bed.

The next morning Elaina had finished helping the doctor and now it was time to start with the arduous task of restocking the shelves.  
Since Jean and Elise were taking some time for themselves Lucas rounded up some of the drivers of the mule train to come in and help with the process of putting the stock in order.

With Jean 2, Elaina, Lucas, the doctor and the other help they made short work of the project.

That afternoon the driver of the mule train readied the train for the return trip.  Elaina having gotten to know the doctor decided that she wanted to stay at the post a while longer.   Jean 2 couldn’t leave until he saw the beautiful Indian women.  

Jean and Elise decided to go to the St. Louis post and see how it and the farmers were doing.  There wasn’t any privacy on the trip to St. Louis but when they got settled there they made up for it.

The farmers were doing well due to the support from the post and one another.  They had dug large cellars to protect from bad storms should they occur and a place to protect the food supply below ground.  They were doing so well Jean decided to give each of them one half interest in their places they were on.  He gave them instruction about acquiring more property as it came available.  

Jean also saw that Wyman and his brother Monet were getting along very well so he gave each of them a fourth of the post.  
Meanwhile Elise was getting acquainted with everyone at the post and the farms.  Of course there were babies everywhere and after being at the post for a while where there were no babies she had a great time tending to them.

She saw that the farm life was mostly hard work especially for the women. They worked outside and inside.  With raising a large garden, milking one or more cows while feeding and cleaning for the family they had a full life.

Jean took her over to St. Louis on the local ferry and they enjoyed seeing all the new buildings.  He wanted to look at some property he heard about and told the seller how much he would pay for it.  He told the man to think about and he would see him when he returned from New Orleans.

Next they were on the ferry going to New Orleans.  
To be Continued

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