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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, November 14, 2013


American Beauty by Craig Lamere
What Elise had said to Jean2 was sinking in and he decided to make his move.

His mind was going back and forth, which one?  He had decided on the one he wanted while on the trail but now he was mixed up again ….

He decided to stop fooling around and went to…. Lesley and said, “Let’s go for a walk,” to which she agreed.

He said, “The reason I wanted to talk to you alone was, you know I’m wanting a wife?”  To which she answered, “Uh huh.”

He continued, “And after getting to know you I think you would be the right choice for me and I would a good husband to you.  So then, how do you feel about being my wife?”

She took a deep breath and after a moment she said, “I would need to think about it for a while.”

He felt embarrassed and said, “Well if you have to think about then forget it and turned to walk away.”

She quickly said, “Wait, wait, I don’t have to think about it.  Sure I want to marry you but I just didn’t want to seem to be too anxious.”

He said, “Good then.  Let’s go tell Elise to get ready for a wedding in a few days, as soon as you can be ready.”

After he told Elise about his choice she congratulated them and said, “It is time for some woman talk about this event so you can leave.”

Jean2 felt like he was being sent out of the room for being naughty.  He found Jean sorting out the goods the wagons had just unloaded and said, “I am going to marry Lesley.”  

Phillip overheard him and said, “Boy that is a relief for I thought sure you was going to opt for Levine.”  Or Vee-ne, as he was calling her.  

Philip said, “It looks like I have some catching up to do, does Vee-ne know you are going to marry Lesley?”

Jean2 said, “I don’t know for I just told Elise and Jean which you overheard.”

Phillip said, “I better go find Vee-ne and comfort her, or actually congratulate her on not having to turn you down.”

Jean2 paid no attention to him and his put downs for he was on cloud nine.

Phillip found Levine and asked her if she heard the news?  She said, “Yes and I’m glad for them.”

“Didn’t you like Jean2 a bit?”

She said, “Sure but I wasn’t convinced I wanted to marry him so I’m glad it worked out this way.”

He said. “Don’t you want to get married?”

She said, “Yes, to the right man I do.”

He said, “I’m glad to hear that but I had better get back and help with the unloading the wagons.”  Then he added, “I will see you a little later.”

Levine said to herself, “A girl sure has to watch herself around here for these men are on fire and looking for someone to put it out.”  She went and found Elise and Lesley who were deep into planning the wedding.  

After listening for a while she began to ask Elise about being first married and what it was like.  

Elise said why don’t you just come out and ask what you want to know.  Being a little embarrassed she said oh, nothing in particular just things in general.  
Elise said, “In general everything is fine but if you think of anything in particular just ask me.  Lesley just wanted to know some private stuff and I’ve told her as much as I dared.  If the time comes when you need to know more about the husband and wife stuff then we can have a private meeting.

I know what it’s like being raised in the catholic school.  You can’t find out anything about what seems to be important.”

Levine said, “It may not be very long before we will need to have that meeting.”

About that time the men came in shouting for coffee and some ham and eggs if they had any.  

Elise told Levine to check the hen house and see if there were any eggs for the guys.
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As she went out to the hen house, Phillip joined her and began to talk about the wedding and that he was thinking about getting hooked up to some lucky girl.

She answered, “I think we have had this conversation already haven’t we?”

As she was collecting the eggs, Philip just came out and said, ‘What is in the future for you?”

She said, “I was considering returning back to the convent and furthering my studies.  I might even become a nun.”

As they were returning back to the post, he said, “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“Why not?” she answered.  

He said, “I think it would be best for you to stay right here - - with me.”

He went on by saying, “I want you to marry me and for you to be my wife.”

She said, “Okay.”   

To be Continued

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