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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, November 18, 2013


Double Wedding

With the weddings happening in less than a week things had to pick up or they wouldn’t be ready.  This meant they needed to unload the mules and find the dress material and make the dresses.  

Elise told the boys that they would have to take care of the goods they brought and stock the shelves because the women had other things to do.  They didn’t argue, but they were hoping to spend some time with their future wives.

Elise said that would have to wait until they had finished all the chores pertaining to the weddings.  She told them after they got the stock tended to they should go and help finish their homes.  

After thinking it over they saw the logic to that for they wanted to have a place of their own to move into.  A lot of things could be made later but they needed a roof and a bed for sure.

The day before the weddings Jean and Lucas arrived back into camp.  They were pretty tired and need a bath or at least clean up a bit.  After being gone about ten days and were pretty gamy.  Everyone had a lot of questions to ask them but they were so busy they didn’t have the time to go into it.

Lucas had slipped and cut his hand that needed to be treated.  The Doc took him into the surgery and sewed it up and smeared some bear grease on it to keep it moist.  The Doc wanted to know where they went first and then why.  

Lucas said we went down the river a piece and did a little hunting and fishing.  Doc said and what else?  Lucas said, “That is about all I can remember.”

Doc saw that he wasn’t going to get much out of him this way so he said, “You wasn’t visiting that Indian woman you are kind of sweet on did you?”

Lucas smiled and said, “Now you know all my women live north of here.”

Doc said, “I don’t know it seems there was one who lived on the other side of the river that you had a hankering for.”   Lucas said, “Yea there is that one now that you mention it.”

The Doc was finished with Lucas’s hand so he said, “Get out of here I’ve got other things to do.”

As Lucas left he thought, “I wonder if I have time to go on the other side of the river and back before the wedding - - probably not but afterwards, since with this hand I can’t do much work.”

Doc Adams was looking forward to the wedding being over for Elaina was spending a lot of her time helping them get everything ready.  It wasn’t that he was against all of the fussing; it was that he needed help in what he called “The Clinic.”

By nightfall every thing was ready and tomorrow the wedding and the party would begin.  Elise wanted to get to bed early for she would have to get up early and wake up all the ones who were going to help put this shindig on.

She woke up before daylight and got started.  On her first trip outside she saw the Indians already making the fire for the different kinds of meat they were going to cook.
When Elise looked the meat over she was of the opinion that only the Indians would eat some of it.  The morning was passing quickly.

The catholic priest had arrived and was talking first to the brides and then to the grooms.  He wanted to marry both at the same time so there would be no waiting by the ones married first.  Even though Grandfather wasn’t related to any of the ones getting married he pronounced a blessing on them all.

Jean watched and fifteen minutes later they were married.  He thought it should have taken longer because of all the time and money it took to accomplish what happened.

The brides and grooms went to their new houses and changed into something more comfortable.  For some reason it took Phillip and Lesley two hours or more to get changed.  

Jean thought he must have been the only one who noticed it but when he looked at Elise she winked at him.  It was after midnight before the party was over but about nine Elise and Jean went to their bed for it had been two weeks since he had been alone with her.  

The next morning they get up later than usual and while still lying in bed Elise wanted to now what his trip down the river was all about.  
He said, “You will know in a few days.”  
To be Continued 

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