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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 4, 2011


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Having been a spoiled child and knowing most of the tricks to get my way, there was a certain satisfaction in pulling the wool over my parent’s eyes?

However I didn’t want my children to do that to me, and I was determined not to let my kids get away with what I did.

Now admittedly this was hard on them for I restricted their freedom more than I should have.

Strange as it seems my kids survived, and turned out real good.

With my background I could manipulate the truth so it seemed that what I was doing was okay.

This trait carried over into my Christian experience, and at times is an issue I have to deal with. To complicate matters further there is the little matter of self deception waiting in the wings. Having been as good at that as I was, it has been hard to completely put that aside.

For what you might call “Regular Christian living,” it’s not a real big problem, but when you get serious about being effective for GOD, that’s another issue.
Some of these problems are; justifying doing something I know is wrong or unprofitable.

Failing to do what I know I should do; trying to think up a prayer that will impress GOD, and cause him to answer it even if it isn’t his will to do so.

Getting mad at GOD because he doesn’t obey me, even when I use the name of Jesus in my prayer.

Even though I know GOD isn’t going to fall for all these techniques I found useful in the past I am still foolish enough to try.

Now you must not lose sight of the fact that I was a spoiled child. I actually spoiled myself and my parents went along with it.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever realize that GOD doesn’t have any spoiled kids.

GOD treats his want-a-be spoiled kids like my mother did me. When I would pitch a fit and refuse to hold her teeth marked hand she would walk away and leave me, and it was up to me to whether or not I wanted to be with her and obey her or not.

GOD will not let his love for his children allow them to act unruly, for he will walk on leaving them to sit in their unruly-mess.

When you treat GOD like a servant -- you make a large mistake for he can’t be both a servant and ALMIGHTY GOD to you at the same time.

Genesis 17:1  “I am El-Shaddai -- 'God Almighty.' Serve me faithfully and live a blameless life.“

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