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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, July 21, 2011


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There is a story about a rich man that had many nephews and nieces and he loved them very much.

He spoiled them by giving them everything they wanted. At first he would shower them with gifts, but after awhile they began to demand to be allowed to make their own purchases and charge it to their uncle.

Some time passed and the uncle realized they had spent all of his money. He tried to explain there was no more money but they said you should borrow money because you have good credit.
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Because he loved them he started to borrow. This went on until most of the uncles income went toward paying the interest on his loans.

He tried to reason with them, but they said you have many things of value you could sell, and then they began to list his holdings. He had gold and silver, much real estate, such as buildings, land and other holdings.

Every time the uncle would try to curb their spending they would say “You are the richest man in the world.” That always buoyed him up and they would have another round of spending.

The time came when he had borrowed all he could, sold everything he had and his income was greatly reduced to the point his survival was in doubt.

The nephews and nieces said that old fool has wasted all his goods, so now what are we going to do?

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