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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 18, 2011


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 Light and Darkness

People have thousands of thoughts that pass through their minds, and while most are scarcely more than temporal, but others find a place where they are rehearsed and expanded upon.

Some thoughts become obsessive to the point they become as a depressive spirit or a pervading darkness of the mind. Most people have experienced this to one degree or another.

We live our lives in a laboratory seeking the truth where our life experiments (and experiences) are lived out.

Oft times our truth is not the truth and we live our life in a “state of flux” easily engineered by those who have own their agenda for our lives.

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Distorted Truth

Viola Larson has written;
Sometimes those who will not believe the Word of God do believe the strange words of humanity. Sometimes this happens on a sophisticated level, like rejecting the Lordship of Jesus Christ while holding on to the ethics and lifestyle of Buddha. But sometimes, and this is happening far too much in contemporary America, all the sludge of the shadows begins surfacing above the unbelief. And some start hanging around, in their minds, with devils, metaphorically speaking.

We find multiple forces trying to map out our way concerning what we think and believe and how we conduct ourselves. This goes far beyond social engineering, but into the world of the Spirit itself.

This darkness is spoken of in John 1:5
 And the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

Yet the war goes on between The Darkness and The Light. The earth is the battlefield and the war against the saints is in full array.

William Ralph Inge has written: It is an amazing fact of history that what passes for history in the West is factually untrue. The people get public mythologies and government lies instead of the facts, so what they know is not real. Currently, the State is the principal actor and recorder of history. And what it records is not the truth, but what is politically convenient for the corrupt oligarchs and various special interests who have captured the State's myth-making powers.

This has never been truer than today for daily we are fed darkness instead of light.

Job 17:12 They make night into day: that which they call light is near to the darkness.

I am hard pressed to argue for the truth for those who are of the darkness oft times are more intelligent and far better educated than I, but it is the Lord who has risen up a standard against the Goliath of darkness that prevails today.

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