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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


As we take a tour of the nation’s capital let us stop at the white house where your life is being planned out for you.

There it is formulated what you are suppose to think and how you must feel about people and their lifestyles.

They further decide what you can and cannot say.

Moving down the street we come to the congress where the profligates hold session. Some use a more slangy term when speaking of them which is the “Spendthrifters.”

They practice the old “Take it away and give it away,” philosophy.  They abhor someone calling what they do socialism and deny it with every breath.

These wonderful folks are called by some a term they don’t like, but tolerate which is liberal. 

Personally I prefer to call them the profligating spendthrifters for there is nothing liberal about their redistributing the wealth plan.

Their program reminds me of the patient who is at the edge of death and the doctor tells him don’t worry it will soon be over.

So also for those who worry about America’s debt don’t worry it will soon be over. 

As we approach the point of no return I recall my beginning being born at the start of the depression where we nearly starved to death and thanks to the profligating spendthrifters it is very possible I may face the same thing in my end.

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