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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, May 2, 2011


As a boy since there was no TV and I went to the movies a lot. Sometimes there would be an older man with a younger woman hanging on to him. She would be dressed in furs and jewels and she called him her “Sugar daddy.”

All she had to do was ask and she would receive. There could be a circumstance where she might go to far and her conduct wouldn't be kosher and the request would be denied, but for the most part she would prevail.

Her standing with Sugar Daddy gave her certain rights and the promises he made was her guarantee she could ask and receive. All was required of her was to provide certain services and believe ole sugar would give it up and she would get it.

Today there are many websites that advertise for both men and women to sign up to meet sugar daddies or sugar mommies for the same type of relationship as in the pictures I saw as a boy. These websites are little more than pimping services where the participants prostitute themselves because of greed.

Some preaching and teaching I have heard leads me to believe that we are getting close to thinking that GOD is our Sugar Daddy.  However God is not into playing games!

The approach used, is to build a case against GOD whereby HE must fulfill our request or violate HIS written word.  It is as if the way to get GOD to service their greed is build a case against HIM where HE must obey their slightest whim. They play the old GAME: ask and I must receive or else.

People who prostitute themselves to lust and greed readily latch on to this kind of thinking for it gives them (in their mind) a power and control over GOD. No matter how proficient they have become in framing their message it reeks with an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

The same scriptures that was designed to cause Christians be in awe of our creator can be twisted to bring us to the point of thinking like Satan did when he decided to ascend and become the highest and rule over GOD.

The Miranda rights state something to the effect anything you say can be used against you and this is the tactic utilized when GOD’S word is used to try to force HIM to answer their requests. Trying to brainwash your mind with scripture can convince your mind of what it wants to believe, but true faith is not of the mind but of the spirit.

Only one who has experienced the difference can understand this. This convoluted form of teaching goes over the line and doesn’t allow GOD to be GOD but demotes HIM to become “OUR SUGAR DADDY!”

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