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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trouble With Dreams

This is the life that I must lead now,
Crossing fingers and wiping brow
Trouble with dreams is you can't pretend,
Something with no beginning has an end.

This verse of the song tells of a person who is unsure of himself and in other verses he is trying to enlist someone to reinforce his fantasy.

A great deal of study has taken place trying to understand the how and why of dreams. It seems the brain never stops working, controlling the necessary bodily functions and the subconscious mind.

When we sleep another function of the mind takes place and that is called dreams. Dreams are unlimited, from being creative to nightmarish experiences.

The jury is still out on what dreams are all about but there are more than ample theories concerning them. In the Old Testament dreams and visions were an acceptable method of GOD revealing his will to men.


In the New Testament we find that visions are still mentioned but there is more emphasis on the gifts of the spirit, being led by the spirit, being coupled with study of the scriptures. One of the key differences between the Old and New covenant is the relationship of the HOLY SPIRIT and man.

Whereas in the Old Covenant, The Holy Spirit was on the believer, and was manifested for a special event. In the new Covenant, He is IN the believer continuously all the time.

Who can say that GOD cannot speak through a dream but my confidence level is low in that area. I feel GOD speaking by the word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophesy, discerning of spirits and the other gifts and that is where I am comfortable.

Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” has echoed through the years meaning he had hope for the future and every one has their own dream for the future.

Many dreams will never be realized but yet this hope will drive men to be as much as they can achieve.

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