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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, May 30, 2011


Way back in the days when I was farming, Charlie, Joe and I usually worked together. There would be times when we would plow and plant, then later we would harvest our crops. They always worked hard and I didn’t have to prod them to keep up with me.

Another thing that helped us get along was we were fed real good and what an appetite they would work up. We always took Sunday off but seldom went to church it was partly because we had to walk everywhere we went.

Joe and Charlie were different in many ways. Joe was laid back and never got excited while Charlie was energetic, and wanted to do everything on the run. Still we got along just fine and since I didn’t have many friends I counted them as my best buddies.

Working on that farm was a daily grind and was quite taxing for everything had to be done in a hurry for you could lose a crop if you didn’t keep up but old Charlie and Joe was always ready. I don’t recall that either one missed a day’s work because of sickness, they were really dependable.

The time came when I left the farm and I don’t know if Joe and Charlie missed me or not but I missed them.

Charlie seemed to think he should have been a race horse instead of pulling a wagon and I don’t think Joe realized that he was a mule.

Different as they were they worked together without strife and that is what it is all about anyhow - - Just getting along.

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