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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Bill Gates probably thought he was all set when he left Microsoft earlier this year.

Little did he know that the market had other plans. Gates' net worth was valued at $58 billion in September, down only $1 billion from 12 months earlier. But by the beginning of October, his net worth had fallen to $55.5 billion.

Steve Ballmer dodged an egg-wielding protester in Hungary last May. But six months later, he wound up with yolk on his face.

The economic crisis has battered the CEO's Microsoft stock holdings, knocking their total value down from $14.5 billion at the start of the year to $9.4 billion by early November.

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have lost roughly half of their net worth since January, solely due to the volatile moves of the stock market. The pair is down $12.1 billion for the year after losing roughly $1.5 billion each in September.

While these men have lost billions it isn’t going to have the effect on them that a small family will feel due to the father losing his job. It reaches the entire world of these families, down to their food level. Loss is always relative to the circumstances and the effect it has upon participants involved.

Loss many times is the result of errors, and at other times, loss is the result of a lie.

Because of outright lies I have suffered loss and there is always pain associated with it.

An example of this is when the devil lied to eve and the result was the whole world was plunged into the darkness of sin and there it dwelt until the light of the world appeared.

It will take someone far more eloquent than I to extol the majesty of Christ, and what he lost when he came to this earth to seek and save mankind.

His leaving a sinless environment and coming into a dog eat dog world, and taking upon himself a human body with all its limitations; he experienced everything we do except the burden every man carries, and that is the burden of sin.

Then came the time when Jesus fulfilled his purpose for coming to earth, the LORD laid upon him the sin of us all. He became the sin bearer and carried it all to the cross.

In the space of a few hours he became the biggest loser of all time, and for three days he was separated from humanity. Triumphantly he then arose, sins paid for in full and was shortly fully restored to his original glory. The contradiction to his nature was ended.

I will never understand all the reasons salvation was and is being played out as it is.

There are so many questions I can’t answer such as; why didn’t GOD just start over with a new race? All I really know is; these are His rules, and this is the way GOD wanted it, and this is the way it is.

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