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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As a boy one of my delights was to go to the creek and catch crawfish, and use them for bait, and try to catch some perch fish.

In some areas of the creek there were rocks which narrowed it, and it would overflow on to the adjacent fields during heavy rains.

My uncle got a job - - hand carrying the rocks onto the creek bank; the theory being it would stop the flooding.

It was hard work for the rocks were heavy and when you turned them over you had to watch out for snakes.

I used to like to watch my uncle grab them by the tail and snap their heads off by using them like a whip.

I guess those were my macabre days as a kid. If my Uncle hadn’t of done that he would have had to deal with them over and over again and eventually get bit.

Something I hated about playing in the creeks was the leeches that would attach themselves to you and suck the blood from you. They were nasty critters and hard to get off. One quick way was to get a cigarette and burn them. They didn’t like the searing of their skin and would turn loose almost immediately. From that day till this I have hated leeches of any kind.

When you stop to think about it there are leeches of all types in every area of our lives, those who are blood suckers living off of someone else.

The media is one of the worst offenders. A person makes a mistake and they pounce upon them with one purpose and that is to eat them alive, and it becomes a feeding frenzy. As long as the sponsors keep paying them, they pursue with the intent to harm and harass others just for ratings and money.

There are none worse than the politicians who enjoy punishing the people through regulations, laws and taxation. This ought not to be, but because of so many leeches living off of the working class it will continue and grow worse.

The leeches that scam people out of their goods are among the worst and have become a cottage industry. They prey upon the elderly as well as the uninitiated.

Leeches abound in every area of life. They cannot be avoided for they have infiltrated even in to the churches and what is worse is that you can find them in families.

From the first time leeches attached themselves to me I have hated those blood suckers and I don’t expect to ever get over it.

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