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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Would Jesus Vote?

Do you ever wonder how Jesus would vote at election time?

Would he be an Independent (whatever that means) or a Democrat or Republican? Maybe the peace and freedom, or the green party?

Would he vote for Boxer, Pelosi and Harry Reid?

How about the legalization of marijuana? Would he approve?

Surely he would be supportive of the atheistic school system!

What about the men who aver; I am a Christian and then send 50,000 young men to their death with a hundred thousand more badly maimed and wounded? Surely Jesus would vote for them.

Or would He treat congress like he treated the money changers in the temple whip them and drive them out for they were not worthy to be there.

Few of us are in tune with what Jesus would do, but I fear that there are not many he would endorse in this election.

This election may be far more important than most of us realize for the Supreme Court may lose one or two members in the next two years.

One can only surmise that President Obama’s appointment would be a liberal/socialist like unto the last appointments, and change the balance of the court in favor of the liberal/socialists and their agenda.

All that is needed is to maintain control of the senate. Today we have a capitalist, socialist state.

Then our USA will be a socialist, communist state.  Ho hum.

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