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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, October 29, 2010


I was trying to remember, when was the first time I kissed my wife?  I couldn't remember the time or the place it happened. I was pretty sure there was a first time, it almost had to be, seeing as I have kissed her many times since, or at least I think I have - - sometime it is hard to remember.

Finally the curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to ask Hazel if she had any idea of when was our first kiss.  She began at the beginning, and gave me a detailed chronology of the evening, and told me when and where it happened.

According to her - - well you wouldn't interested in the details, which were boring, although it did bring back one memory, and that was for some reason I was happy about the event.

Oh yes, I will tell you one thing she did say (while refreshing my recollection) and that was, mind you, this was after I had did it, she thought. ”Wow this guy has something to learn about kissing.” “I'm glad she waited until much later to tell me that”. She took it upon herself to teach me the finer technique of  “How to kiss Hazel,” and I tried to be a good student.

Another thing I couldn't remember was the marriage proposal, (and once again she reminded me.) Since this was something I had never done before I didn't want to mess it up. I knew we were getting pretty friendly, but didn't know just how friendly she wanted to be. I was sensitive about some things, and if she turned me down, I wanted to be able to (as the Japanese put it) save some face, so I tried to put it in such a way that I could say, “It was no big deal” if she wasn't interested to that extent.

What I said was (according to Hazel) “If I bought you a (engagement) ring would you wear it?  Moments later, about ten seconds later she said, “Sure I would.”

Just in case she said yes, I was prepared. I had forty dollars which I gave her, and asked that she keep it in a safe place, until I could save up enough to get her a ring. Everything I could put aside went toward that project and it wasn't too long before we could visit a jeweler and purchase the ring set.

The old saying “Poor as Jobs turkey” fit us at this time. It was only due to the fact that family helped out, and Hazel was working, that we had a very nice wedding and reception that Thursday evening, December 1, 1949.

We left the church and finally arrived at the motel. While I was putting on my pajamas Hazel started to laugh (not at me, I hoped.) It seemed that her girlfriends had gotten into her going-away suitcase, and had sewn up her night gown at the bottom, neck and sleeves. There she sat, as I had never seen her before; trying to remove the stitches from her gown. I would tell you more about the evening, but that is all I can remember, and Hazel won't tell me anything else about it.

1Corinthians 7:33 But he that is married cares for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife.

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