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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, February 28, 2014


With school year completed and holding the top grades in the class, Laney and I felt our efforts were well rewarded.
My boss, (Lionel David Rydal) L.D. as everyone called him looked over my grades and said, “You have done well. 

I have you all setup for Stanford when you get your BA.  I have it on the QT that if you spend this summer and the next one taking classes you can graduate a year early.”
I said, “I suppose I could do that…”  
He cut me off and said, “There’s no need to waste a whole year when you’ve got business to take care of.”
I thought, “Wow; I’ve got big business to take care of… I wonder what it is!”   
I agreed it would be best to get on with business.  
He said, “I’m glad you see it my way,” as he turned and went to his office.
It was obvious L.D. had plans for me.  It had to be because of the photos I recovered from those fools who only wanted to do harm to Sally.  
They didn’t have any idea what they were getting into when they started. Neither did the ones who violated Sally’s person by drugging her.
Having a little character and being repulsed by the whole affair was what made the difference between them and me.
Sally was due to return home this weekend and I must admit I was a little nervous about seeing her again.  

Her mother came down to the office for lunch with L.D. and when she saw me she said they were having a welcome home party for Sally and for me to come.  

She said,"Sally asked me to be sure to invite you especially and to bring a friend if you wanted to."
It had been two years since I saw her and I wondered how much she had changed.  I know I have matured a great deal and I suppose she has also.
I called Laney and brought her up to date on what was happening.  She said she was sticking to the regular college schedule and would graduate as planned.
I told her I wanted her to attend Sally’s party with me.  
She laughed and said; “Sure, I want to meet the competition.”
That was a strange way for her to talk; she wouldn’t have said anything like that before last year’s vacation and her little fling.
“I suppose you will be glad to have her back here?” she said.
I replied, “I guess.”
She grinned and asked, “How intimate were you with her?”
I said, “Some,” and immediately the image of her flashing her breasts before she left for Princeton and saying it was something to remember her by came to mind and caused me to redden.
Looking at my red face Laney said, “Oh that intimate!”
I said, “Cut that out it was nothing like you are thinking.”
She said, “Relax I was just poking fun at you.  That is your business and yes I would like to see her again.”
“Do you know her? I asked.
“I have met her a few times but we’re not what you would call friends.”
I told Laney, “I feel strange seeing her again.”
Laney said, “Forget that, just say hello when you see her and see where it leads.  Let her dictate how far it goes.”
I thought to myself, “You sure don’t sound jealous. I thought you had certain feelings for me that would cause you to be a little jealous.”
All at once Laney looked serious and said, “What happens will happen just make sure it is what you want to happen and don’t only be manipulated by someone else’s plans.
With that I said, “Let’s get some thing to eat.  All this talking has made me hungry.”
She said, “It has affected me the opposite way.  I’m not hungry at all.  I’ll see you later.”
She left me standing there so I yelled, “We have a date don’t we?”
She waved her hand and nodded yes.
I wondered if I handled that badly.  After a bit I decided it was the event more than what I had said that caused the tense feeling in the air.
On Saturday I went by to pick up Laney but she said she wanted to take her car in case she wanted to leave.
I told her to knock it off.  She was my date and if she wanted to leave, we would both cut out.  I said, “Just stay close to me and everything will be alright.”
She looked at me somewhat curiously and said, “Alright lead on.”
When we arrived I took Laney’s hand and we went into the festivities.
There were a lot of people Sally’s age and a lot of what I would guess to be their parents.  Sally was the main focus since it was her party but when she saw me she rushed oven and hugged and kissed me so hard I had to let Laney’s hand go.
I separated us and said, “Sally this is Laney.”
Sally said, “I know Laney, hi how are you?  Have you been taking good care of my man?”
Laney said, “Yes but not as well as you would have if you had been here.”
Sally took Laney’s hand and they walked off talking.
I felt left out so I did what guys always do when left alone; I went to the food table.  I saw such food like I never saw at home.  
I found the plates and was about to load one up with food when L.D. came over and said, “There will be time for eating later.  I have some people you need to meet.”
He introduced me to some business associates which were a strange looking bunch.
You could tell they spent a lot of money for their clothes but they looked like they had slept in them.  They were just careless in caring for their clothes.
My clothes were cheap but I tried to have every thing matching and neatly pressed but these guys didn’t seem to care about that.
L.D. said, “You must learn from these men for fortunes are to be made.”  
It was obvious there was more to them than met the eye.  The consensus was they were looking forward to working with me and accepted me on the basis of L.D.s recommendation.
I still didn’t have a clue as to what I would be doing but tried to be agreeable with everything they were saying.  
I headed back over to the food table and Sally came over and started to talk to me.  
She said, “Let’s go somewhere it is quiet.”
I looked around and could see Laney engaged in conversation with some people she knew so I figured she would be entertained while I chatted with Sally.   We ended up in her bedroom and she said no one will bother us here.
To be Continued

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